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Anita Baker Reviews

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Average customer review: 3.0 star rating (2.9 Stars)

Number of reviews: 76



5.0 star rating Carla D from Kansas City, Missouri


, money well spent!!! All I can say is Anita showed up and showed out in kansas city Mo!!! Yes indeed !!! She did her thang !

5.0 star rating Steve G from Kansas City MO


My 1st time seeing her. Very good concert she came out @ 8:40 and brought the house down. A true and authentic vocalist which is rare. She has her own sound I only wish I would have went both nites

5.0 star rating Elaine from Bay Area, California (Los Angeles ticket sold-out fast!), We attempted to purchase tickets while at Bay Area concert


Excellent crowd excited & happy! The music before Ms. Baker stepped onstage was phenomenal &took u back to the good ole days, when folk enjoyed dancing &singing together. Suddenly the beautiful lights danced & the spectacular band began to play. Live musicians, live background singers & the mother of all REAL singers opened her mouth and the hairs on the back of my arms stood up! Believe me that was a miracle bc I barely have hairs on my arms. She danced & sang from the time she hit the stage until the time she left (8pm - 10:30pm) I kid u NOT! Anita Bakers' voice NEVER waivered, strong & beautiful as ever. Beautiful dress w. heels, the woman seemed to enjoy herself as we all danced,& sang. She allowed the audience to serenade her -I don't want to brag, but our California audience was awesome &on-key! Then she song the entire song back to us & it was awesome! Her next concert soldout! U will not be disappointed! Nice to hear a live band & singers.

5.0 star rating D L M Town from Nashville, Tennessee


She will always be my angel I grew up on her songs, Thanks for giving us the best that you got love you always.

5.0 star rating KWB from St Louis, Missouri


Unbelievable. Still the Songstress. My 5th time seeing her. 2 shows, both sellouts. 1st show sold out in 6 hours. A venue record. Great seats. Row F center. Only complaint, not enough. 2 hour show. And WE still look good at 60!!! If shes coming to your town, a must see. For whatever price. Worth it.

5.0 star rating Carolyn from Bowling Green KY


We saw Anita Baker last night at the Ryman in Nashville. Wow is all I can say...the best concert I have ever attended. She gave her heart and soul into the performance and her voice was perfection. She had energy, wit, and grace. I have loved her music since her first hits and now at 70 years old, I finally got to see her perform in person. It was my 37 year old son's birthday and he loves Anita Baker as much as his mom does and this was a concert we both came away from in total awe of her performance. It was sold out and tonight she is performing there again. How I wish I had purchased tickets for both nights. If she comes out of retirement, I will be there to see her again.

5.0 star rating Catherine from Louisville, Kentucky


She deserves 10 Stars. Anita Baker was the best! Her voice was perfect and the crowd loved her. I am so happy she didn't have an opening act. She is a class act on her own does not need to share a stage. She gave us two hours of Sweet Love and I loved it. Don't retire Anita, we need more of you!!!!! We had excellent seats and it was worth the $400 we spent. BTW I took my 36 years old daughter and she was singing alone with Anita, I guess she was listening to my CD's after all.

5.0 star rating Denise from Louisville, Kentucky


Concert was on a Wednesday Night. So much love in the air for this lady. Anita you still look good and sound good. She sung so many of her hits that made her famous and loved over the years. The band was rocking! The adoration you felt in the arena was so strong. People singing along at first was drowning her out, but it was beautiful. Of course, she said, "ya better sing!" Beautiful to feel unity and connection from all kinds of people to "one person". Confetti surprise was spectacular! Thank you Anita for a "love" night from someone who still believes in the amazing power and influence of love !

5.0 star rating VB from Louisville, Kentucky


One of the best concerts ever. Anita was personable, beautiful and a true songbird for the ages. From the time Anita took the stage thru the last song, the audience stayed pumped! I would totally go see her again. So glad I saw her on her farewell tour. Real music, what a pleasure!!!!!!

5.0 star rating Tore from St. Louis, Missouri


I thought the show was great. The audience did sing her songs instead of letting her perform them,, so what she did she re song every song the audience took over which was a real pleasure. She said not only did you get two shows you get two songs. It was great that she did that though we didn't come to hear the audience but it was love. She is so humble. I wish she had sang Joy. Overall I thought it was a great concert. Confetti at the end was special.

5.0 star rating Gregory Dandridge from Glen Carbon Illinois


Having seen Anita live a couple of times back in the day, my expectations were muted by her being 60yrs old now. Man! She shut me down quick on that! She was outstanding and sang as beautifully as ever! She directed the sound adjustments a couple of times. But, she wasn’t disruptive about it. A real pros pro. She’s still got it and didn’t disappoint! Bravo Ms Baker!

5.0 star rating Kimberly from Atlanta, Georgia


I had a great seat, front row of the pit, just in front of her pianist. Anita looked beautiful and her voice was enchanting. Her performance was sensual and graceful. She has a way of making you feel like family. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. As she prepared to end the show, she tossed roses into the audience. I felt very special to have received one and grateful to attend her farewell tour. Anita Baker is my all time favorite singer. I loved the show, I am still feeling the excitement of her performance almost two days later.

5.0 star rating Sultry satisfaction from Orlando, Florida


I traveled half way around the world to see Anita perform for her final tour and it was amazing! The audience was electric as Ms Baker sang every song that has made her who she is today! That was by far one of the best concerts I’ve gone to and I hope to see her again before her tour is over. Ms Anita Baker is often immitated but never duplicated !!

5.0 star rating Die hard fan from Orlando, Florida


I flew all the way From Chicago to Orlando to see the incomperable Anita Baker and it was well worth my trip! The audience was on fire and the ambiance was electric! My only issue was with Anita constantly checking the sound system which I’ve read happens more often than not. Other than that, this was by far the best farewell tour of all time and I’m hoping to see her one more time before the tour is over! Anita Baker- often immitated never duplicated❤️❤️.

5.0 star rating Susan Price from Waycross, GA


What an amazing evening! The concert was excellent from beginning to end. Anita can SING like no one else, and it seems the years have just seasoned her. Her voice is unique and oh so beautiful.and she had us all in the palm of her hand from the minute she stepped on stage. She seemed as genuine as could be...I love that she wore flat shoes...she knew we came to hear her sing, not ooh and ahh over her costumes even though she looked great. We had magnificent daughter treated me and a friend as my birthday gift this year. Our hotel, the Omni was right across the street! I really would love seeing this show again...yeah that good! She came out and sang a few more songs as an encore because the crowd just wouldn't go home after the show...Loved it!

5.0 star rating Jerome Smith from Jacksonville, Florida


Fabulous concert last night from the great Anita Baker, a true living legend! She gave the sold out crowd a terrific all around performance, singing many of her timeless classic ballads from over her amazing career! Her one of a kind supple voice still sounds flawless to this day! She is one of the greatest vocalists to ever grace any stage! This particular show meant the world to me because she is my favorite female singer and it was the first time seeing her live in concert. It left a lasting impression with me going forward. She is the consummate professional and definitely a perfectionist in her craft while performing on stage! It was truly fascinating watching her perform. She told the crowd how much this tour means to her. This show ranks very high on my list as one of the best concerts I have seen, and I have witnessed many over these years! Definitely go and see Anita if you are able to do so while she is on this Farewell Tour. You will not be disappointed! Grade: Solid A

5.0 star rating Dionne from New York, New York


I had seen her perform at Radio City music Hall on February 13th 2018 I cried my way through the show!!! amazing!!! her voice timeless. I've been rewinding the clips I recorded and I feel the goose bumps all over again. I wish she wouldn't retire I would love for my niece to be able to see her show her what real music is.... Thank you Anita Baker you have gotten me through my entire life

5.0 star rating Lisa Ordonez from Las Vegas, Nevada


I love the entire show! Anita was great! The whole venue was filled with love and the audience totally enjoyed her and the band and the back up singers. I am so very grateful I had a chance to see her live. She is an all-time great!

5.0 star rating Westley Johnson from Las Vegas, Nevada


She did an excellent job, her voice might even be stronger at 61 than it was at 41 if that's possible, performed from 8:00 to 10:00, had to persuade the sold out crowd to leave, they just could not get enough.

5.0 star rating K.L. Clay from Houston, Texas


My sweet wife had no idea who we were about to see in concert. Right before our mobile tickets were scanned, I showed her who we were there to see. Was she surprised? You betcha!!! 😊 The concert started a little over an hour late. We did not know what the hold up was, but all was forgiven when the curtain rose. The band began to plan a driving funky groove, then Anita took the stage paying homage to Patti Labelle with an opening rendition of "Lady Marmalade". All in attendance were on their feet. The excitement of the crowd was at a fever pitch. At 61 years of age, Anita's voice was just as sultry, smooth, strong and amazing as it has ever been! Just absolutely jaw-dropping. She was fantastic! Yes, she sang hit after hit. As much as we have all come to treasure her music, to she her live in concert on this farewell tour is something fans should not miss! There are singers, and there are Singers. And then there is "THE SONGSTRESS", ANITA BAKER. I'm a fan for life!!!😊

5.0 star rating Del from Virginia


I have loved Anita Baker for as long as I can remember. In 2019, at the age of 57, I finally had the chance to attend her concert at MGM National Harbor. My husband surprised me with the tickets and I had no idea where our seats were located until we walked into the theater. When we were escorted to our seats, I was overwhelmed with joy as we were in the front row, smack dab in the middle. Absolutely the best seats possible. When Anita Baker walked onto the stage, and I realized how close I was to her, I literally had tears in my eyes. I felt like I was the only person there and that she was performing just for me. It was a dream come true. Her voice is still absolutely amazing. I love her now more than ever.

5.0 star rating Deanna C from Baltimore, Maryland


Anita Baker did not disappoint her voice was strong, her energy was high Babyface also did a great job! The total night was a win from parking to checking in to exiting I couldn't have had a better end to my Mother's Day!

5.0 star rating from Baltimore, Maryland


Anita Baker's performance in Baltimore was the best Mother's Day gift to myself! Her vocals were superb. Her voice was nothing short of magical. Her range, her clarity, quality and delivery are awesome. Altos don't get the love they deserve. From her low contralto to her upper mezzo soprano range her voice was amazing. The sound guy was messing up, but she gracefully got him together, She sang all of her hits, and it was very reminiscent of old times. Thank you Anita for a great show!!!!

5.0 star rating Carolyn from Indianapolis, Indiana


The concert was absolutely wonderful. It was a Christmas gift from my daughter, she knows how much I LOVE Anita Baker. She still has the most beautiful voice I ever heard and she looked stunning. The sound was great and I loved the way she involved the audience when she was singing. BEST CONCERT EVER!!!

5.0 star rating Shiva Maxey from Denver, Colorado


OMG, I flew from Denver. Drove an hour to the venue and stood in the rain to see this woman. She was every thing and more I had imagined. She graciously thanked everyone for weathering the storm and sang her heart out for 2 hours. I didn't miss Babyface at ALL! Love you Anita!!!

5.0 star rating Lorraine P. from Atlantic City, New Jersey


Love her and know all the songs. I had a blast reminiscing to her music. She was amazing.

5.0 star rating Simone from Houston, Texas


In a long time AB fan and she showed out in Houston! I danced and sang the whole night and really enjoyed myself.

5.0 star rating Tonya G. Ft Worth, Texas from Dallas, Texas


Anita Baker was absolutely amazing! She kept thanking her fans and was very sincere! She was a little late, but she came out and owned it and stayed later to make it up! A TRUE LEGEND. Her songs really bring me back growing up, feel good music! Her voice still sounds great! I have played "Will You Be Mine" in rotation all day today :-)

4.0 star rating Kevin from Boston, Massachusetts


I love Anita Baker, was more than excited for her show. All I wanted was to hear her sing her songs, instead I got crowd karaoke, she couldn't be heard. I was torn between the energy of the audience and wanting to hear one of my favorite artists sing her songs. I love Anita Baker, going to miss her.

3.0 star rating from Jacksonville, Florida


First, let me start by saying I love Anita Baker! She looked amazing for any age. Her voice is still a National Treasure. The concert was sold out! The crowd was amped and ready for her long awaited return to the stage. However, I was completely turned off by her constant berating of the sound crew (embarrassing) and house staff (she complained about the fog machine being used). It was an instant buzz kill from minute one. I could not enjoy her wonderful voice and beautiful songs due to her excessive complaining! I walked out of the concert early just to get away from the negative energy radiating from this truly gifted artist. What a shame! All the right ingredients were present to make for a magical event but her behavior and "Diva Tantrums" left a very foul taste in my mouth. I felt like I parted with my hard earned cash and time to see and hear a very bad "Sound Check" that was masquerading as a concert. Totally unprofessional and disrespectful to an adoring audience.

3.0 star rating Ms. Lisa from New York, New York


Could not follow along with song choices...just saw her a few months ago in Connecticut. ..and she was amazing. Farewell also...maybe she should have made that the last show..because tonight she seemed extremely tired and the show started late and ended super quick. So! For all you Valentines lovers tomorrow...there's hardly any classic Anita Baker love songs . . . . beware...signing off a disappointed Anita Baker Fan for over twenty years. 😢.

3.0 star rating William Todd from Baltimore, Maryland


Have loved Nitta since the 1980s. Babyface started off the evening and while he seemed a bit wobbly at first it was amazing to hear such an iconic singer/producer. His set became magical when he, and his band, began to play the sounds he wrote and produced. Wow! Anita came out and was giving a 'diva' vibe from the start. She seemed to yell a lot and blamed the sound team for her not being heard correctly. It was an ongoing theme throughout the night. She did have moments that reminded you why you were there, however, it was a disappointment overall. She didn't sing Body and Soul - even after it was repeatedly screamed out for her to sing. I was seated in the 6th row and the ticket was almost $500. When she indicated she was going to change and return for her encore I, along with many many others, left the arena.

3.0 star rating Reginald Gaulden from Baltimore, Maryland

!!!!!!HATED IT!!!!!

Waited all these years to re-live one of the greatest vocalist Ms BAKER and all she did was complain about the sound.. ALL NIGHT!!!.. Ms. BAKER there is a thing called 'SoundCheck' and it's BEFORE we come in, not after.. As a paying customers..SHAME SHAME SHAME... Yes FAREWELL!! cuz you'll never get another penny from me.....

3.0 star rating Chris A from Atlantic City, New Jersey


The show was okay. Show time was supposed to be 8PM…yet Anita strolled out at 8:55PM…unacceptable. Her voice was beautiful but she talked way too much. Complained about the smoke machine, being tired, and other issues. It seemed like every song dragged on too long.

3.0 star rating Long Time Fan Nancy from Greensboro, North Carolina


The Coliseum needs improvement from security check points to parking. The event was disorganized and frustrating for guests. The seats are entirely too small with no leg room. The performance started hours late, but was excellent once Anita Baker walked on stage. Anita song all of the audiences favorite songs from Angels to Rapture and more. She continued to perform from 9:00 to 11:00 pm. Thanks for giving us our money worth. My 3 star score is because of the Coliseum not Anita Baker.

3.0 star rating Marc krigel from Los Angeles, ca


Anita! Re: your appearance in Los Angeles Your insurance on bright white (often flashing) ruined an otherwise great performance. Instead of creating an intimate atmosphere with your audience, you've blinded them. If you want to see your audience use ceiling lights; dont destroy the the backdrop the large screen display, the about of your fans to enjoy watching and listening. It was so bad, so blinding, I walked out mid way through. My box went empty.

3.0 star rating Al Partae from Oakland California


First Anita’s microphone was so loud it drowned out the rest of the band and back up singers, whereas they could barely be heard. Also, all you could hear was the piano, saxophone, the rest of band could not be heard clearly. How do you have a concert without the bass drum pulse and the bass and guitar. Also, the other keyboard player was drowned out! The pulse was missing over all! However, we love what Anita brought to Oaktown..

2.0 star rating Janie from Boston, Massachusetts


I Love Anita Bake and was so excited to see her only to listen to the crowd sing most of the songs and when she did sing the acoustics were soooooooo bad. it seemed like the concert was very low budget. Maybe it is a good thing this was her farewell tour

2.0 star rating Melidy LaCoste from Atlanta, Georgia


Deeply disappointed! The music was good and her audience sang a good number of her biggest hits. Problem is...I didn't know I was going to an Anita Baker sing along!!! This woman allowed the audience to sing every single song and she was completely drowned out. She didn't even attempt to control her audience so I guess all the jokes me made about being tired weren't really jokes. She's one of my all time favorite female artists but she completely ripped us off. The only thing comparable to my excitement before the show was my disdain during and after. Completely dissatisfied!!!

2.0 star rating Shelisa Williams from Las Vegas, Nevada


I attended the show on Friday June 1, 2019. Although Anita Baker can sing, I did not expect the entire show to be a sound check. It was a big waste of my money and time. She sang approx 5 songs because she kept complaining about the reverb, and inability to hear the horns and piano, but that’s what the soundcheck is for.

2.0 star rating from Atlanta, Georgia


I was very excited to see Anita. First, she was an hour late with no explanation. Second, the first song lasted 20 minutes with very little singing from Anita In fact , she hummed her way through all her songs. The band was fantastic and they carried her. She kept saying she was tired but if I didn’t know better, I think she was stoned. The sax player was awesome. The band played over any attempt Anita made to sing. Very disappointing. Baby Face was awesome and sang longer and better than Anita. One of the highlights was Usher appearing on stage. I really wanted to hear Anita sing her songs but she wasn’t up to it.

2.0 star rating Terri from New York, New York


We left. She seemed high and sang (in my opinion) off tune quite a bit of the time.

2.0 star rating Dawn Bragg from Greensboro, North Carolina


I've seen Anita in several cities and the concert is always over an hour late. When she came out she was limping as she has been on all other concerts. She kept complaining about the engineering sound. She would sing one song and talk about 10min between songs. I came in from Chicago and was disappointed.

2.0 star rating Steve from Raleigh, North Carolina


Two themes from reviews from other sites carried through to last night...the show was gonna be an hour late, and performance/sound staff showed little competence. Anita asked for a mic stand, staffer got one 5 minutes later, but set it down 40 feet from her. Anita called to him to get it closer, he disregarded her and walked off. Stage equipment wasnt tested before hand, she walked someone through getting it right. " the button that says Anita, baby..." Worse of all, though Anita Baker still showcased her talented voice, it couldnt be enjoyed due to the overwhelmingly loud bass. WHUMP, WHUMP!! RUMBLE, RUMBLE RUMBLE!! Every wham of the bass drum, every note of the preconcert prerecorded music, was set/played far and away too loud for joyful listening to the vocals of a singer. It was so bad, I really couldnt wait for the show to end. Anita did sing a few songs past the end of show, maybe to atone for the late start. A lovely voice that couldnt be enjoyed due to the sound crew

2.0 star rating Douglas Fairfax from Greensboro, NC 11/23


I was really looking forward to the show. I arrived 45 mins. early, and the show finally started an hour and 15 mins. late. From the moment she came on stage, she barked complaints to the live nation folks. (She needed a better mic stand, she needed an acoustic piano, the volume levels weren't right etc.) She opened with a Patti Labelle song, why I don't know. She never apologized for being late. It really seemed to the audience she was unprepared and had done no walk throughs in preparation for the show. My wife and I were very disappointed and left an hour into the show. As we left the coliseum, we noticed many others leaving as well. Ive never walked out of a concert before, but we just couldn't take any more.Won't go to see here again.

2.0 star rating Chris from Atlantic city, nj


First...I love her music. But...her concert was awful. Just like what I've read from others, she complained all night and appeared totally unprepared. I'll still listen to her music but I'll never go to another one of her concerts...

2.0 star rating Marion from Greensboro, North Carolina


I traveled far and spent over $600 for my ticket and walked out early. No sound check! No professional… Looked like not much rehearsal. She is a beautiful singer.., but the show was lousy… Never Again…so disappointed and sad. Don’t waste your time or pay to see a less than mediocre show. Anita needs to stop ….

2.0 star rating James from Atlantic City, New Jersey


Very disappointed in the concert. A great signer who no longer has it and should not be on tour. Could not remember words to song. Asked for tele-promoter throughout the concert. The venue played her songs for about an hour before she came out.

2.0 star rating Frances Fraelich from Atlantic City, New Jersey


Nov 24 2023 Hard Rock casino Atlantic City, Show started 1 hr late I wish ms Baker would have sat down in a stool and sang her ballads so we could have really enjoyed her beautiful voice

2.0 star rating Kevin from Houston, Texas


I saw Anita in concert in Houston last night and she was not her usual classy self. The concert started about 45 minutes late, but that was fine since most of the audience hadn't made their way into the stadium yet. Also, she said that she delayed the start of the show to accommodate the audience, which was fair. But when she did sing, I actually thought she was drunk. She forgot some lyrics, she was rude to sound engineers and other stage hands and also to some fans up from. But she also made some kind gestures in talking directly to some of the fans up front. All-in-all, it was disappointing to see her in concert this time. I had seen her in Dallas about 4 or 5 years earlier and she was great, her voice was so close to record quality. She did a lot of yelling/singing at the Houston concert. She seemed out of sorts at times. My date and I left just before the show ended. We had both seen enough.

2.0 star rating Marilyn Tarver from Dallas, Texas


Over an hour late hitting the stage, and no opening act. Too much screaming and not enough singing! Why would you open your act with someone else’s song? Microphones way too loud. Left early very disappointed.

2.0 star rating Hopeful from Dallas , TX


Love Anita Baker. I took 5 friends along to AA Convention. Center in Dallas for her show on 12-17-23 . Soooo much wasted time in her performance feeling to us like she’s just killing time on stage . Glimpses of her beautiful voice could be heard from time to time but I was begging to hear HER sing a song . Yes, an Anita song just her voice not an all over the universe warm the vocal cords play time . We had to reschedule the uber twice for a pick up ( not free ) longing to hear just one of the beautiful songs she made famous. She teased a song and we were so hopeful then dragged the intro so long we had to leave. Anita wake up you’re shooting your self in the foot . Your fans pay your bills .

2.0 star rating JoAnna C. from Oakland, California


Show started 30 minutes late. The acoustics and sound system was too loud making Anita Baker’s voice harsh and pitchy. Audience seemed to disregard the waning of talent and were enthusiastic regardless of the quality of the musical performance.

1.0 star rating Annette R from Buffalo, NY


The band was great, unfortunately they were so loud we couldn’t hear Anita. The acoustics were straight jacked up for the whole show!! And Anita spent the whole night blaming everyone from her band director to the venue staff by name. The mess that her fans for over 30 years had to sit through last night could’ve been avoided with more rehearsals and more sound checks at the venue! But again the band was great especially the brother on sax!! Last night they outshined Anita which may be why they were never introduced by name, we found that to be odd too🤔 Also, I don’t think the 5 star reviews were being accurate they obviously had a lot more to drink before the show than us.

1.0 star rating LT from New York, New York


Went to see her at the Prudential Center in Newark. Concert starting over 2 hours late with no explanation except the excuse of technical difficulties. Babyface’s set was canceled. Acoustics were dreadful with the band drowning out her singing. She seemed more interested playing air guitar and facing the band versus the audience. Furthermore, she was introduced and then waited over five minutes to appear on stage followed by waving to the crowd. It appeared her affect was off and we ended leaving very early. A forgettable evening to say the least. On the positive side I had no problem getting out of the parking lot.

1.0 star rating V from Newark Bew Jersey


May 10, 2023 at the Prudential Center in Newark New Jersey the Anita Baker show. And absolutely disappointing debacle A two hour wait before someone came on the stage to inform us that baby face would not be showing up. My daughter brought me to this venue as a Mother’s Day surprise I was surprised and again extremely disappointed I didn’t even stay to see Anita baker if she came on. And absolute waste of my daughter’s money

1.0 star rating Lance H from Baltimore, Maryland


Babyface did ok job he coulda had his own concert with all his songs. Anita had issues with acoustics right from get was like she kept doing sound checks and calling out people on controls, at times the screeching sound of mic drowned her words. Seemed she moved to karaoke style concert and letting band play on ..We found it extremely disappointing ..You think by Baltimore this production woulda had there problems figured out . It went on all night right till that last song and she kept telling us how blessed we all were and thanking us ! It got old after a while. She changed 2 songs before then end wardrobes which is when 1/3 of people left. She typically just marched back n forth on stage with his cape on trying to navigate the world mic which failed each time. We were surprised that they didn't take an intermission to fix the problem ..instead it continued during the supposed concert. Would NOT recomd this concert for the prices being charged Our high school band is better!!

1.0 star rating Michael S. from Greensboro NC


Anita was an hour late and it was not worth the wait. She complained the entire time about this that or the other thing (mic, acoustics, etc.). Song and voice quality were mediocre at best. Not what you would expect from a Grammy award winner. She had a slight limp and we assumed she was on pain killer drugs. She seemed high and out of sorts. We left the concert early as we could not take any more. Total waste of time and money.

1.0 star rating Derek Cashaw from Greensboro, North Carolina


I have been a avid fan for over 30 years. I literally did my Navy career listening to Anita Baker but last night's concert was A MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT! It was all over the place, from the sound quality to the music arrangement to Anita talking walking and straying off musically. Truly my worst concert ever and Ive waited 30-40 years for that and travel from Florida to North Carolina for that was such a heartbreak!

1.0 star rating KLK from Greensboro, NC


We didn’t see her in Vegas, but I can’t find where else to rate her awful behavior last night in Greensboro, NC. First off, she kept us waiting an hour to simply come out on stage. No opening act. Which is fine. But clearly she did not practice or prepare ahead of time. There was no mic ready for her and she kept asking for a mic stand. Then she didn’t like the one they brought out and was so rude to the staff. Then the poor people managing her sound got berated most of the night, in a patronizing way. By the third time the crowd laughed (at her) and she told the sound people “they’re not laughing at you, just with you.” 🙄 She had moments of a strong song but she added so many jazzy versions of the songs I couldn’t tell what she was trying to sing. If it weren’t for the back up singers we wouldn’t know what she was singing. She seemed high as she kept saying “I love you!” And waving randomly. And she kept asking the crowd to sing her songs. Absurd! She was not prepared & rude. Sad.

1.0 star rating Bob from Memphis


Memphis FedEx Forum. 11/22/23 I give one star because zero stars was not an option. 1 hour 10 minutes late starting. Sound system music pre-concert played the same AB song 7 times in a row. Once concert started, sound was horrible almost as if no one had performed the sound check. In the middle of the third song, AB stopped the concert and walked off stage for 20 minutes. She left claiming there was feedback in backup singers’ headphones and claimed when she came back that the Forum’s speaker system wasn’t putting out enough sound. I have loved AB’s music for 38 years, but, sadly, she seemed lost… most likely done as a performer. Do not go to this concert expecting the quality of music that she has been known for in the past. Do not waste your money…buy her old albums and listen to them. Sad.

1.0 star rating Lu D. from Memphis, Tennessee


People should be aware of Anita Baker’s concert antics. Saw her in Memphis last night, concert started one hour and 15 minutes late. It was so bad, we left halfway through the concert, just couldn’t take any more of it. It was the worst concert experience of my life and we paid $350 a ticket, Her voice was good, but she stopped the concert several times complaining about her audio and sound, even once going off stage for 20-30 minutes until “they could get the sound right”. She commented that if “KISS” (white, all male band) were on stage, they would get better sound. Constant complaining by Ms Baker led to more delays and she talked on and on for like 10-15 minutes between songs. Hey folks, listen up! This is what she’s doing at every concert. Appears she’s not able to deliver two hours of vocals so she creates huge delays and gaps throughout the concert. She seemed in pain as she limped across the stage all night. It was gruesome to watch. Concert was a sham! Never again!

1.0 star rating Kt from Atlantic City, New Jersey


Something not right and its a shame. Stop touring!

1.0 star rating Carolyn from Atlantic City, New Jersey


30 years ago we saw Anita Baker at the same venue,at that time she was in her late 30s, I have her CD permanently in my car. The only music I play .last night was a real eye-opener. She was screaming. She must’ve said four times in her monologue she needed her teleprompter the people next to me got up to leave. I lasted 2 1/2 songs and my date and I got up and left it sucks getting old is the only reason I could give for why she was terrible

1.0 star rating Craig Siman from Atlantic City, New Jersey


First, let me say, Anita Baker is one of my all time favorites. She possesses one of the most soulful voices ever, exhibiting power, range and a style all her own. Unfortunately, none of those qualities were on display at the Hard Rock in AC on Nov. 24. My quick impressions are as follows... Band was a bit loud. Anita was forgetting lyrics with some of her songs being unrecognizable. Rambling dialog between songs was difficult to make sense of. Poor production of show left Anita complaining about the amount of smoke on stage, lack of a teleprompter, etc. Anita complained through out the show of being old and exhausted, being 68 myself, I get it. Funny first couple of times. not funny through most of the show. In closing, what I found most curious was the fact that Anita's voice was still as strong as it was 30 years ago! I have read many reviews regarding this tour and they all seem to echo the same criticisms.

1.0 star rating Michele from Atlantic City, NJ


Anita, Anita, Anita…you made us wait an hour and 30 minutes listening to your hits being sung and pictures of the younger you on a movie screen. You came out looking a hot mess disrespecting my all time favorite singer Patti Pattie by ruining her song! Heck you didn’t even no the words because you kept asking for a teleprompter! You talked most of the time about whatever and how old and tired you were and when you did sing you couldn’t remember the words to your own damn songs!! You were rude to the crew, mean to one of your fans and did I say you looked a HOT MESS! My Husband paid ALOT of money for us to come to this concert and it was the worst concert I’ve ever been to! We left before the so called concert was over and that is a first! If you are reading this PLEASE stop stealing people’s hard earned money . Go get some help and get some rest! Damn!

1.0 star rating Diane from Atlantic City, New Jersey


So disappointed in this concert. First, she was almost an hour late. then she kept singing "where's my teleprompter" because she wasn't singing the words, and was constantly talking to her band and the audience (probably to stall so they could fix her teleprompter). Her voice was good, but 30 minutes into the show, she only sang 2 songs and didn't know the words. Seats were good but we got up and left--total waste of time

1.0 star rating from Atlantic City, New Jersey


My wife and I were looking forward to seeing AB and hearing her sing her amazing catalog of songs. What we got instead was a totally disappointing night. First off, the 8 PM concert (Nov. 24, Atlantic City) started an hour late. Apparently, AB had a falling out with opening act, Babyface, months ago at the beginning of the tour, and asked him to drop out. Instead of starting at 8 PM, or at least informing ticket holders via email through Ticket Master that the concert would start an hour later, she did NOTHING. It just got worse from there. She talked to the audience more than she sang. When she did sing, it was clear she wasn't trying, and didn't care. She kept repeating that she needed a teleprompter (since she couldn't remember the lyrics). When she did sing, it was hard to determine what song it was, since it sounded NOTHING like the record. I don't know how many times she said she was tired and old and age 65. The sound of her band was all distorted and mushed together. I think AB really doesn't care, and just wants to get the tour over with. What a shame, and A REAL WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME!

1.0 star rating J W Dardignac. from Atlantic City, New Jersey


I saw Anita In Atlantic City November 24th. She was horrible!!! She was an hour late and she constantly complained about being old and needing her teleprompter. She didn’t sing and wailed most of the night. She turned the concert into an open mic night. Session When she couldn’t waste anymore time due to the fact that she couldn’t sing WITHOUT the teleprompter she came into the crowd and met people. It was by far the worst concert I have EVER SEEN!!!! People were walking out mid show because how horrible it was. I feel like they robbed me and took my money. She looked like she was on something or drunk. I WANT MY MONEY($650) BACK!!!

1.0 star rating Barb from Houston, Texas


I winced at the sound and her behavior. Made earplugs and then eagerly left my $300 seat.

1.0 star rating Joseph Andrews from Houston, TX


I wish there was a way I could wake you and realize that what I saw on stage last night at the Toyota Center was actually a nightmare and not the reality that it is. I hated seeing someone I once put on a performance pedestal experience such a dreadful fall and then just wallow in the waste of it. Anita Baker, get yourself together or please stop robbing people and sit your behind down somewhere. Girl, you are the cow that gave a good bucket of milk then kicked it over. You need some reformation, quick!

1.0 star rating Yolanda from Houston TX


I was looking forward to seeing AB. I was VERY disappointed. Opening song was a Patti LaBelle song. Why?? Did not sound good at all. She didn’t seem to know some words to her song. She was giving instructions to the crew all through the show. Unprofessional. That’s what sound check is for. She then yelled at someone to turn the smoke machine off as well as to yell for security to remove someone on 2 separate occasions. She talked too much. Although her voice was good and sound the same, there was no need for all the extra screaming. Also, she was asking the audience what songs they wanted to hear. Why? Unnecessary. That is what a set list is for. Her background singers really carried a lot of the songs. I don’t know if she was in pain or on pain meds or something but she seemed off. She did not look well either. I’m sure this will be her last tour but if not, I won’t be going to see her again. I prefer to play and listen on CDs, YouTube or streaming. They never disappoint.

1.0 star rating Parnell Evans from Houston, Texas

HORRIBLE NIGHT - 12/15/2023

Wish I read these recent reviews first. I echo the one-star reviews. The constant ramblings, complaining, and dragging out the songs for over 15 minutes (at times)…we left early! Along with a large swath of others who complained and saying the same thing as we all were leaving. The calls for security in the middle of songs were funny the first 5 times but became a constant theme throughout. No one knows what the culprit of her calls for security did so it just got irritating as the night went on. She didn’t seem to know her own songs! If the backup singers weren’t singing I would have no idea what song she was on. She was just all over the place wanting audience interactions that would last like she was trying to fill in time. Seen her in her prime and I know she could deliver a better night than that. When she booted Babyface, I told my wife to sell the tickets. She admitted I was right. That truly was a horrible night and we just played her greatest hits instead to San Antonio.

1.0 star rating CJ from Houston


Anita at the Toyota Center was the worst concert I have ever attended. We left halfway through the show. Anita seemed to be drunk or high or both. She was limping around and my wife was afraid Anita was going to fall down on her face. What bothers me the most is that Anita and her promoters took hard-earned money from her fans and gave a miserable performance. Her voice was great in very brief moments, but it was mostly a combination of talking and wailing. I think there were many times that Anita didn't know what song she was singing. We left before Sweet Love - I am certain they moved the song back in the setlist so people would stay. The songs sounded nothing like her records. We saw Anita at Jazzfest in 2010. She was marvelous that afternoon and brought tears to my eyes - it was an incredible performance. What I saw last night brought tears as well - tears of sadness for how pathetic Anita looked and sounded. I left quite angry that Anita and her promoters stole my money.

1.0 star rating Damita Russett from Houston, Texas


Sorry Anita, what happened. You still have the voice, but you didn't know your ow.n songs. You fussed and was grouchy with the people you pay to put on a good show! This was not your first concert stop, so very disappointed in what I spent my hard money for.

1.0 star rating DC from Dallas, Texas


LONG TIME FAN! $$$ tkts 12 row center-made us wait 1hr w/bright stage lights in my face. Shocked & dismayed at her energy, performance, appearance. Poor thing! Hurt my heart! Left after 1hr of confusion, unrecognizable performance (backup members carried her), ego centered attention seeking behavior. AB appeared chemically altered, emotional, victimized & barely there. Her voice gave some familiarity but she’s JUST DONE! Would love to hear from other attendees to learn if it got better. I actually sent her Reiki & prayers that she’d regroup then she sang poor version of “Rapture”. Wish I could share pics/video…SAD, SAD, SAD!!! Wishing her immediate complete healing!

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