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Average customer review: 4.5 star rating (4.3 Stars)

Number of reviews: 40



5.0 star rating from Dallas, Texas


Elton played for almost 3hrs straight and was incredible. Ended the shows encore with Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

5.0 star rating Debbie Bryant from Warwick,RI.


Had the time of my life, the greatest Mother's day gift Elton. Put on a great show was so grateful i got to see it was on my bucket list for long time even got to be photographed by his photospheres our seats were awesome . when we got out of the concert we even found a great place with good food and a Elton tribute right near the Garden

5.0 star rating Anon amous from Chicago, Illinois


Elton John can still put on a top quality performance like no other! He has always entertained his captive audiences with non- stop entertainment. You can tell he loves what he does because he takes no breaks for almost 3 hours! Still doing a magnificently stellar job at entertaining! He is still a top notch performer that doesn’t disappoint! A got to see performance!! Buy tickets now before they sell out! Last chance to see a great entertainer!

5.0 star rating Paul Z. from Detroit, Michigan


The show was absolutely fantastic! Possibly the most memorable concert I have ever been to. sir Elton and his awesome band - also among the best, long- time rockers sounded like a well- oiled group of professional musicians... every instrument was crisp and strong. You could tell how proud they all were to be setting out on this world tour, bringing us Hisitory. Elton’s piano sounded so powerful... . He played for over 2 1/2 hours and spoke eloquently to the audience... humbly thanking all for their support over the last half century. If you missed it, travel to another state, or country to see him.. You will not regret it! Priceless!

5.0 star rating Al silverman from New York, New York


I love to dance. You have to be on the floor. Music was great. Whole performance outstanding. Elton still has it. Lots of great rock and roll.

5.0 star rating Thomas Lafond from Boston, Massachusetts


Having been tio a number of his concerts since 1978, the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road tour is most certainly his most elaborate production ever. The stage, the videos, the special effects, and the classic tunes made for a wonderfully nostalgic, sentimental night. As always, watching thousands of fans singing along, and dancing in the isles, reminded me of my youth, when the old songs were 'new;. After all these years, he's still got it, Elton was, is, and will always be a great talent. As he exists the stage, he will be missed,

5.0 star rating Your NumberoneFan from Los Angeles, California


Started with a bang Benny and the Jetts!!! the night continued nonstop singing swaying and dancing. THe entire place was singing along.

5.0 star rating L a starr from San Diego, California


Time traveling with Elton and original band. Almost three hours without a break. One of the best shows ever. Gracious and grateful Elton at his best. So sad it the last tour. And thanks to Pechanga staff who were friendly and managed the crowds oh so wel. Don’t Miss this show.

5.0 star rating Kathryn Baldwin from Los Angeles, California


We saw the show last night and were completely mesmerized by Elton John and the musicians/the band. He performed for almost 3 hours and he took only a 5 minute break to change his outfit. The visual was stimulating & well done. Elton John was so happy to be performing & he demonstrated it over & over. The time went be so quickly while we were reminiscing with Elton John and the band. He has brought together a group of musicians who were phenomenal! We will never forget this experience!

5.0 star rating CB from Los Angeles, California


Elton and his band we FANTASTIC - classic rock at it's best and I'm crying with love! Great Show!

5.0 star rating Carol from Los Angeles, California


Best concert I’ve ever been to. Haven’t seen him in over 40 years. He still sings and plays with the energy and enthusiasm of someone just starting out. He is a true superstar and has the ability to reach everyone in the audience and lift them up regardless of where they are sitting and how large the arena is.

5.0 star rating Bill Howerton from Denver, Colorado


Elton John took the stage at the Pepsi Center about 8:00 PM on Thursday the 7th, and he did not relinquish one inch of that stage until he had thoroughly dominated each and every one of the 20,000+ audience members. He may not be able to do the on-stage gymnastics of his earlier years, but his piano playing is still second to none. And he made it look so effortless. The man was having the time of his life on that stage, and we were having the time of our lives watching him. I'm already scouring the tour schedule to see if we might be able to see him again before he calls it quits.

5.0 star rating BONNIE SALNER from New Jersey



5.0 star rating Geri Carroll from East Northport, New York


Elton still has got it! He puts on an amazing show and he played songs from across his 50 years in the music industry. It was an eclectic set that had MSG dancing and singing along. His band should also be given praise as they were amazing too!

5.0 star rating Sandi from New York, New York


I mean, he OPENED with Benny and the Jets! Wow, I was amazed, have been getting up each morning since with his music in my head! Maybe sound critics sat in a weak spot in the Garden, but we were side view seats and still thrilled to hear him!! Think about the 70s and 80s, we didnt have lyrics websites, lol, I'm sure I was screaming wacky words to his songs at the concert! But the fact is, if you want to see a real iconic Man and his fabulous band (some of whom came back to play this farewell tour) and hear him sing and play this memorable music LIVE , please dont miss this tour! Thanks Elton (and Bernie for these wonderful lyrics), glad you are doing this, enjoy retirement in any form, after FIFTY years of a career making us feel your songs!

5.0 star rating Debbie from New York, New York


Unbelievable! I’ve seen Elton years ago, he is the master of the keyboards! The jamming session for 7 minutes with his band is a moment in life you will never forget! Thank you Elton for a phenomenal night❤️

5.0 star rating Teena from New York, New York


Yes I’m baysed but I have NEVER seen Sir E perform and found it nothyng less than amazyng. The fyrst tyme I saw hym was 1976 and the last was thys past March. AMAZYNG!!!

5.0 star rating Teena (wyth 2 e’s) from Queens, New York


I say bytter sweet because it was most lykley the last tyme I wyll see hym lyve. I was fortunate enough to see hym at both NYC venues and I’ve been on cloud 9 . Haveyng been text dumped a few weeks earlyer seetng Elton put the smyle baque on my face. I’ve been a fan for 49 years and he is never less than amazyng!

5.0 star rating Wanda Kelly from Crestview, Florida


I attended this concert last year in December in New Orleans. He was freaking awesome! I've seen him numerous times, but it seems like he was more on fire for this performance than he has been for others, and that's saying something! He played a good variety of his music from the old to the newer songs. If you get a chance to go, you should! It's worth every penny!

5.0 star rating Nicky from Las Vegas, Nevada


What an amazing show! His voice, though much deeper and that signature twang long gone since the surgery, is still so beautiful and tireless. Even without the agility of the incredible youthful superstar you once had you still capture and mesmerize us all! You always have been and obviously always will be the best! I have seen him for the 19th time since the mid 70s and have been to many other concerts and,by far, he is the most talented, dedicated performer of our generation. I took my 3 grown children to witness what I've been talking about for years and they agreed they now understand. All good things must come to an end though and eventhough I will miss Elton so much I wish him a very happy life with his young family and a well-deserved retirement from the road. Thanks for all the lovely memories and how your music has always lifted me and so many others up when we needed it. I know u have many projects in progress so this is not the last we will see of u but hope to see u around for the occasional concert. Luv u dearly, Elton!

5.0 star rating Pamela Telford from Las Vegas, Nevada


It was out of this world to see him and his band sing the great songs that have stood the test of time . The whole t mobile arena was bouncing with the electric atmosphere. Thank you Sir Elton 😍😍😍

5.0 star rating Malee Shay from Seattle, Washington


I have been lucky enough to see Elton John 3 times - the last time being this Tuesday. I am an avid concert goer may say a "concert snob" --- Elton NEVER disappoints and it was a concert of a lifetime. We Love You Elton John you...have changed the world.

5.0 star rating Foodie on the run from Vancouver, British Columbia


Started on time ,thank you ! Played for three hrs! He still has it .

5.0 star rating Mike Franklin from Vancouver, British Columbia


I have grown up on a musical diet that has been extremely broad but a staple at the heart of all my years has been Elton John and the incredible lyrics to music produced in two rooms with Bernie Taupin. The show was breathtakingly good, the production excellent, the band members are old friends. To take to the stage for three hours and deliver that quality from start to finish is nothing short of amazing for a man in his 70's. To know where the high notes used to be and leave that to the backing singers is wise and took little away from the end product. Levon and Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding will last long in the memory but stand only just above the whole set of other hits. Worth every cent at the box office and an ice hockey venue high sides and close the perfect place to watch.

5.0 star rating Mike L from Winnipeg, Manitoba


Anyone who gives EJ’s performance less than 5/5 because of a poor venue they were in or because some audience member blocked their view needs to get their head checked! This man, his career, and the 50 years of songs he gave the world is nothing short of incredible. The set, the sound, the song selection and the singer were all 5+! So sad I’ll never get to see this fabulous artist in-concert again! Long live EJ!

5.0 star rating Tootie Stewart from Nashville, Tennessee


First time to see EJ since he played Martin, TN in 1974-That’s right! UT-Martin! Electric then; Electric & moving last night. Missed Bennie & The Jets, but that was my mistake. Acoustics, production, set list, volume were glorious. To some, a video (or two) may have been a touch over the top, but it’s Elton John, people!! His talk of addiction, and endorsing that we ask for help, was so thoughtful. Same goes for his AIDS comments. Levon was a full blown jam. Take Me To The Pilot-Southern Boogie-Woogie with soulful flair. Lots of onions being chopped in The Tire Barn last night Was it expensive? A bargain at twice the price. I can say I just witnessed the best concert I’ve ever seen, and it was driven by a 72 year old Brit and 3 chaps that were with him 45 years ago. How can that be??

5.0 star rating Jan Colijn from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The gig in Philadelphia was amazing. The set list was delicately put together with a quiet duo of EJ and Ray Cooper in the middle. The band, according to Elton, was the best he has ever had and there was no quibbling with that. His banter was as personal and moving as ever so, even if you have to refinance your mortgage, do not miss this amazing tour.

5.0 star rating Panagiotaropoulos from Cleveland, Ohio


I am not a big fan of his music but my wife is. Always a little apprehensive when dealing with a rocker in my age group: Bob Dylan and Neil Young have aged well, Paul Simon not. Sir Elton clearly has mobility issues walking but his fingers hit the notes perfectly. Around the middle of his almost three hour concert when the band went into an extended instrumental play, time stopped. He definitely exits the stage while he is still in great shape. The sound in the Cleveland arena was without distortion. I found many of the visuals questionable to stupid. During the opening Benny and the Jets we are treated to beach pictures of fat working class people. Is that supposed to make us feel superior? Much better when we were seeing a compendium of his earlier career or his AIDS advocacy.

5.0 star rating Jbs1 from Cleveland, Ohio


To address the complaints . Please don't go back to when you saw him at the Dodgers Stadium . Also, if you paid a lot for a ticket , don't blame Elton for your mistake . Elton made every effort to make sure you that you had the chance to buy a ticket at cost. Little FYI, what just a little bit before the show , and you might be able to get a ticket at a much better price . I myself made sure my extra tickets were sold at a reasonable price. Also, don't complain that Elton didn't hit the high notes like he used too. All that said, here's what I heard . Bits of Jelly Roll Norton. Some Jerry Lee Lewis . A bad ass boogie woogie bounce with Elton's voice knocking those songs down with punch and growl, like in Take Me To The Pilot. What a jam session. Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me, and Someone Saved My Life tonight had a very nice spacious sound. I also enjoyed the light show. Rocket Man was very well done. The people around me also enjoyed the show. ELTON BRINGS OUT THE GOOD IN PEOPLE

4.0 star rating ANL from Tulsa, Oklahoma


Elton John is an amazing piano player, entertainer, having produced music that will last through eternity. But the sound and acoustics at the BOK in Tulsa, OK, was extremely disappointing. EJ’s voice was distorted and sound so loud you could barely hear it, make out the lyrics. At $300/ticket that was a big bummer. I saw Elton John in Oklahoma City in 2005 - and the sound was amazing, like listening to a CD. BOK - you have a lot of work to do.

4.0 star rating Sandra from Boise, Idaho


The concert was great. Elton is great. His voice is still fabulous. However a guy stood up in front of me the whole time. No one else around us was standing. It was so very rude. Even when politely asked to sit down, he would not. He was also quite drunk.

4.0 star rating Shari from New York, New York


Had great floor seats last night at Barkley Center. Played same set as MSG so we knew which songs were coming up. When he spoke he sounded a bit hoarse. Probably overdid it at the garden the night before. Barkley audience is a bit more subdued than the garden audience and those not on the floor sat in their seats the entire time. We were dancing to most of the songs on the floor and had a great time. However, unlike BIlly Joel who plays all his hits for his fans to sing to,, Elton played half major hits and some songs even us fans could have done without. His band is great! Rat and Nigel are fantastic. Despite his voice failing a bit,,, his piano playing ability is better than ever. What a gifted pianist. I would have liked more top 10 hits and less of the unknown songs,, but he played for 2 1/2 hours non stop and was most enjoyable.

3.0 star rating John Z. from Las Vegas, Nevada


About what I expected for a 72-year-old singer. He still has great stage presence, but the voice falters. Still a wonderful pianist and his band was fabulous. The visuals were terrible, disjointed and bizarre. I’m sure the Elton John groupies loved it, but to normal people the visuals and lighting were distracting and annoying. The sound was way too loud; we were vibrating, pure noise pollution. The T-Mobile arena sucked. We paid big bucks for floor seating and couldn’t even see Elton John. They had him buried on the far-left side of the stage, lower than some of the the band members. Never again will I go to this venue.

2.0 star rating Mike from Cincinnati, Ohio


Kind of depressing. I saw him at Dodger Stadium at his peak. He seemed to have a tough time walking and he kept spitting inbetween tunes. Sound was awful, whoever did the mixing should be hung. He had trouble hitting the high notes. We left after Daniel.

2.0 star rating Chris from New York, New York


The set choice was great and he is still a great performer. Whoever was behind the camera running the production end needs to be replaced. At one point the camera was shaking and the monitors were showing images of the floor. The audience in my section were chanting worst cameraman ever. I actually got up and complained. The guy I spoke to said that Elton did not want any cameras on him for this concert. I am sure, I was not the only one to complain because 10 minutes later the camera production improved by 100%. But to be honest their direction in the beginning ruined the concert and even with the course correction it was too late to get me back into the excitement of the concert.

2.0 star rating RMac from Raleigh, NC


Visually excellent, sound quality was horrible and it never improved. It was over compressed and overall just a mash up of instruments. You almost could not hear Elton sing. An excessive Bass boast that was almost painful on some notes. Whoever did the arena analysis failed badly. Reflection problems throughout the venue. It is a real shame that you pay nearly $700 for a concert you were unable to enjoy.

1.0 star rating Bruce Wasserman from New York, New York


The show was a great big disappointment. The sound was so bad the words were indistinguishable and garbled. The lighting was nothing special, there was no choreography, the set never changed except to float some "clouds" on stage and move the piano with Elton playing around a little bit. Stay home and listed to him on headphones... don't waste your money!

1.0 star rating Cam Martin from Raleigh, North Carolina


I was very excited to see Elton last night in Raleigh. This would make my third time seeing him since I first saw him in California as a young teenager when he was on his epic Goodbye Yellow Brick Road tour in 1973. That show literally blew my mind. Last night's was a nightmare. He led off with "Bennie and the Jets". Obviously, great tune. But the sound was HORRIBLE. Loud to the point of painful distortion. And the mix was just as bad. Rhythm section loud to the point where you couldn't hear the vocals. "OK", I thought; first song, maybe somebody screwed up the sound check and things will get straightened around. Nope. Next 2 tunes just as bad. My ears literally began to hurt. My wife and I had floor seats and everyone stood up. What's the point of floor seats if every idiot is going to disregard everyone else behind them and stand up waving their recording cell phones in the air? We left while Elton was introducing "Border Song". Memories are best when you don't try to relive them.

1.0 star rating Lise Larin from Vero Beach, Florida


It was so bad that we left one hour into the show. The sound was ridiculous, it was so loud that it reverberated in the entire Amway Center. The movie on the screen behind him was ridiculous and poorly thought out. In the first few songs it was a slideshow of disjointed pictures which had no meaning at all. During one song they would flash the brightest light into your eyes for the entire song. It was really stupid. I was so shocked at how bad the entire production was, what a waste of an evening. What a complete and total wasre of time and an utter disappointment!.

1.0 star rating Tess from San Jose, California


So sad to be delivered such an awful show for such a superstar. Saw Elton with Billie Joel at SAP and it was one of the best ever concerts. This was one of the worst ever concerts. And it's not SAP's fault. The best sound at a concert I ever heard was Roger Water's "Us and Them" tour a few years ago at SAP. It was so far and above anything I had ever heard before that I was stunned. Hard to believe Elton would allow this horrible sound to happen.


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