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Miss Saigon Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.5 star rating (2.7 Stars)

Number of reviews: 67



5.0 star rating Sarah from Lewes, DE


Absolutely awesome. Singing and acting was phenomenal. Scenery and use of technology was spectacular. Wish seats were a little wider. Unfortunately we aren't all a size 10.

5.0 star rating Carla from Chicago, Illinois


This is one of my favorites since first seeing it 14+ years ago. I saw it last week with friends with Emily Bautista and today again with my mom and aunts with Myra Molloy. Both leads were fantastic! I was so moved by it last week that I had to make sure to share with my family before then end of the run. I laughed and cried a lot! I sat in the first two rows both performances and really appreciated all the emotion these actors brought both nights. There is more to it than the original, but I really enjoyed the changes. I do agree that the first scene is even more raunchy than remembered and was a bit shocked by the slight nudity, but it made it a bit more real and not just suggestive. Red Concepcion, the Engineer, is one talented dude! The entire cast is A+! It’s a must see!!! I saw it twice and loved it even more the second time this tour!

5.0 star rating Tan Hoang from San Jose, CA


I had the opportunity to see Miss Saigon at the Drury Lane theater in London back in 1997 and have fallen in love with the story and musical ever since. You might say I am Mister Saigon since that was my birthplace and my family of twelve escaped the Communists during the Fall of Saigon in April 1975. This musical is truly personal to me and I try to catch a national tour production every chance I get. I still have memories of boarding the helicopter as a five year old child leaving my homeland I barely knew. The musical version for the 25th anniversary tour is gritty, raunchy, contains some nudity both actual and implied and in the age of the me too movement it felt uncomfortable at times. However, this is an accurate depiction during the mid 70’s in Saigon so the show has nothing to apologize for. This is definitely not Disney’s Miss Saigon. Some parental discretion is truly advised. Also theater goers should read up a little on the historical perspective of the musical before going

5.0 star rating Izzy from Sacramento, California


I saw the matinee show on Saturday, October 13th and was absolutely astonished and mesmerized. From the moment the orchestra started playing the overture, I knew this was going to be a show of utmost quality. The cast was so talented and you could tell their hard work paid off because it was pure magic! Add the staging and set and wonderfully played music, and you have a production that will completely pull you in and sweep you off your feet. I cried a majority of the time. Emily Bautista, who plays Kim, definitely deserves some type of award for her performance. Honestly, bring Miss Saigon back to Broadway with this cast! They are absolutely magnificent! As for the family-friendly aspect of Miss Saigon, please do research beforehand on this show because it is a 14+ show (in my opinion). Do NOT bring younger children.

5.0 star rating Pat from Voorhees NJ


I've seen the production twice in New York and once in Philly. Loved it and will see it again. Great musical score and stage production. A child would have a difficult time following the story line. Whether you catch a matinee or evening show, don't forget to include a stop in one of Philly's great restaurants. You can't go wrong.

5.0 star rating Karley R from Cleveland, Ohio


I want to preface by saying, Miss Saigon is my favorite musical so this may be a little biased. I sat front row on the right side and was eagerly awaiting the sound of the helicopter to signal the start of a phenomenal production. I was not disappointed! The staging and set design was breathtaking. Emily was an absolute POWERHOUSE! Her chemistry with Anthony was through the roof! I love the new production (thank you Cameron Mackintosh). I think the show feels much more real. My main disappointment was with the majority of the audience. You could tell there was no enthusiasm in the applause. This cast is performing a very emotional show and they are putting their all into it. I felt insulted for the cast by the lack of appreciation I felt from the audience. I was awestruck and this production will be held very fondly in my memory.

5.0 star rating Lee S from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I saw the show opening night and highly recommend it. I have seen other productions and this was one of the best. Acting, singing were first rate. A great love story.

5.0 star rating Scott from St. Louis, Missouri


This was my first time seeing miss Saigon. It was a beautiful and emotional experience. The score just drives your journey and sweeps over you. The set design was top notch and I loved the characters. To me the music itself stole the show.

5.0 star rating Ann B from Boston, Massachusetts


So enthralled with this show that I am going back to see it again. The talent is amazing, especially Emily Bautista who plays Kim. Sets, orchestra, vocals just fabulous. Mesmerizing and haunting, you will never forget the beautiful songs and heartbreaking story.

5.0 star rating Linda V from Boston, Massachusetts


@Izzy from Sacramento, the lady who played Kim on October 13th at the matinee was actually Myra Molloy.

5.0 star rating Linda V from Boston, Massachusetts


@ Izzy from Sacramento, California I saw the matinee show on Saturday, October 13th and was absolutely astonished and mesmerized. From the moment the orchestra started playing the overture, I knew this was going to be a show of utmost quality. The cast was so talented and you could tell their hard work paid off because it was pure magic! Add the staging and set and wonderfully played music, and you have a production that will completely pull you in and sweep you off your feet. I cried a majority of the time. Emily Bautista, who plays Kim, definitely deserves some type of award for her performance. Honestly, bring Miss Saigon back to Broadway with this cast! They are absolutely magnificent! To Izzy, The lady who played Kim on October 13th at the matinee was actually Myra Molloy not Emily Bautista. (Myra is the alternate and plays Kim 2 shows a week). I was at that show too, and I saw her again in Boston. I’m a huge Miss Saigon fan and think Myra is the best Kim since Lea Salonga.

5.0 star rating Jo Wallace from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


To the beautiful actresses onstage: You deserve better than this. To the creators: Really? To my teen daughter I took to this: I am so sorry you were subjected to these scenes. To the men in the audience: God help your minds be focused on other things today. To the Civic Center of OKC and all theater houses: PLEASE, in the name of civility, rate your shows. To the people who walked out early - 5 stars: I'm sorry I did not go with you.

5.0 star rating Christopher Klesh from West Palm Beach, Florida


An absolute masterpiece.Everything perfection. Staging, production numbers Thank you again Cameron McIntosh for this phenomenon of a cultural experience that will be a memory forever

4.0 star rating Kerry from San Francisco, California


We went to evening performance in SF at Orpheum. Did not know what to expect so was surpised. Right off the orchestra was amazibg. Music and sings ranged from funny to poignant to sad. A sad story to tell was made entertaining with the many props and visuals. Was it a bit risqué in parts and a bit raunchy...yes. BUT with the burlesque style of the play, it worked. My friends and I really enjoyed it . A standing ovation at the end so our audience loved it. Don't know why there are a few bad reviews here. Time went by fast and we were happy we went!! Not for children.

4.0 star rating Mary C. from Providence, Rhode Island


Love this show. Have seen it previously in London, New York, and Boston. In this version in Providence I enjoyed the musical score and the voices of the actors/actresses were excellent and very clear even toward the back of the theater. My main complaint is this version was much "cruder" than any of the other versions I have seen, leaving nothing to the imagination. This was totally unnecessary and actually took away from the classic nature of the plot. I have read that the story was a bit confusing to follow and it may be especially for kids who know none of the history of the Vietnam War but letting them in on the plot before they see it should alleviate this issue. Be careful though I wouldn't take a kid under 14 to this version.

4.0 star rating Audrey Richards Woita from Omaha, Nebraska


I love this show so much! I took my husband and cousin to this production in Omaha and was preparing them for the fabulous story and great music. I was dismayed to have invited them once the show opened. The pornographic gestures, dancing, etc that were prolific throughout the first and second acts were overdone and needed. I've seen this show in Colorado, New York and Los Angeles over the years. Never were the actions/gestures/postures as violently graphic as this production. It did nothing for the story line and wasn't necessary in any way. I wish there were ratings on broadway shows, I would not have attended this. EVEN THOUGH...I love the music. I've been listening to the soundtrack for the past two weeks and love so many of the songs. I still believe being one of my favorites. The duets in this production were spot on and flawless in delivery. I will not recommend this show going forward because of the raunchiness. It wasn't needed and was way overdone.

4.0 star rating Larry from Denver, Colorado


My first time seeing this show. I am a vet( not combat) so could relate. Also daughter in law was one of the children that came to US after fall of Saigon. Incredible acting and singing. Just wish I could have understood the words better. May have to work on sound system.

4.0 star rating AJ from Salt Lake City, Utah


Ok, so I consider myself an expert with the show. Last night, in SLC, was my 10th time seeing the show. I have seen many Kim's, Engineer's, Chris , Ellen's, Thuy's and John's. First, let's look at this point. They are the touring company. Usually, but not always, the cast is not as polished as the resident cast in NY. I did see some lack of passion in the characters. Kim, (Emily Bautista), was a great Kim, but she was no Lea, Rona and Eva. Engineer, was ok, but I have seen better, much better. Ellen and Chris did amazing, but their acting was a little off. John was amazing. Probably the best one I've seen. Ok, with all this said, I think overall, it was good, but not great. It is very much R rated, so if you are offended easily but sex, swearing and violence, do not go. Overall, I think the cast of the US tour was decent, but so much more can be improved as far as singing, acting and passion for the story line. Even after multiple times of seeing this, I still cry.

3.0 star rating Rae from Chicago, Illinois


Like others, I have seen numerous versions of this show, I saw this one last night, it was great. There are many, good things to say about this show and some things I did not agree with. I hope Miss Saigon's production staff reads our comments and make notes of them. This show was visually spectacular. Brilliant costumes, lights, sets. While I thought the show amazing, there where choices that I, personally did not agree with. " Movie in my Mind" was sung as a gimmicky belt song when it required more heart, subtlety, nuance,. which basically sums up my concern with whole show, Some actors, many times, played emotions flat w/out any introspection." I am happy", "Sad" "I am angry, so I'm going to scream thru the song & lyrics"'. #2::: When hitting someone, use a sound effect with your hands. It looks fake w/out it; .And last, KIM should be the LAST one bowing, NOT the Engineer . This is KIM's journey about love and the sacrifice of MOTHERHOOD! Buddy, be the bigger man, step back!

3.0 star rating Toni B from Los Gatos, California


We attended a matinee of Miss Saigon . The set was impressive. The orchestra was wonderful and we enjoyed the actors very much. The graphic sexuality at the beginning was somewhat off-putting however realistic it may have been. Particularly in the duets, the voices had wonderful range and blended beautifully, but we couldn't understand the words! We knew the story having seen it before, and the special effects were the best I've ever seen in this production, but if we could have heard the words more clearly we would have enjoyed it more. At this point, I don't think I would not recommend it.

3.0 star rating Barb from Cleveland, Ohio


I love Miss Saigon but not necessarily this production. Several of my favorite songs were gone or substituted. The sequence of events were changed leaving the story difficult to follow if you hadn't seen it before. One has to ask if the "raunchiness" was necessary in such a beautiful love story. Unfortunately, I did leave the theatre disappointed.

3.0 star rating Erin from Cleveland, Ohio


The show was entertaining but lacked the emotional connection. The raunchiness overshadowed the love story in my opinion. Too much time spent on the smut and not enough time spent on developing the love story. I mean I am an emotional person and often cry at movies or any kind of live entertainment but I did not cry at the end of this show (and did not even know how it ended beforehand). Also, the sound was too loud at times and I could not understand the lyrics at times. I did enjoy the duets, the dance scenes, and the helicopter scene. The entrepreneur was an interesting character. He brought a little humor to the show but I wish that he was a little more likable to lighten it up. The whole thing just felt "off" to me.

3.0 star rating Ears Still-Ringing from Cleveland, Ohio


First the good. The sets were fantastic and the staging was REALLY good. In particular, the helicopter scene in the 2nd Act was breathtaking. The Orchestra was also very good. Now the Bad. Lyrics were often unintelligible when more than one person was singing. I blame the direction and sound crew for that. Beyond that, it is also problematic that there is little ebb and flow to the score. It seems like almost every song is turned up to 11 and that means, (a) The characters seem disconnected from the meaning of the music for most of the play and (b) The audience is exhausted well before the play's climax. We've been seaons' ticket holders for the better part of the last decade. This is not the worst musical I have seen, but it's in the bottom 10. It is not a play I would ever see again and it is not one that I could recommend for a first-time viewing either.

3.0 star rating Bret from Cincinnati, Ohio


It was very difficult to understand the lyrics in Act 1. I think it was a mic issue, but it would have helped if the actors had better diction. I also thought it was unnecessarily dirty. I think that took away so much of what this show is about. I'd rather see the Opera next time, at least there are sub-titles! The set and lighting was great!

3.0 star rating Pat from St. Louis, Missouri


Definitely not for children. Dreamland's "sex slaves" leave nothing to the imagination. Why? What is theater all about? Have seen Miss Saigon three times -- definitely not my favorite. I understand mood but stage could have used more lighting. I read this production was from same people who did Les Miserables this season and I thought that was too dark also. You have to work too hard to see things in such a large theater and we sit in the middle! Worse part was struggling to understand lyrics. We don't typically have this problem at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis. As this is a complex story, it seems pretty unforgivable.

3.0 star rating Bud from Omaha, Nebraska


Not the same as the approach I remember from mid ‘90s. Too explicit, not for families with kids under 16. Unprepared for how over the top it was. If that was the intent, it struck that chord.

3.0 star rating Glenna Smith from Denver, Colorado


I first saw this show in Denver 20 some years ago and loved it. I have waited patiently for it to return. What a disappointment. The prostitution scenes are so crude and leave nothing to the imagination. They even took a shot at the Mormon Church by placing a Mormon missionary among the prostitutes. Worse though was the "Engineer" portrayal. He was obnoxious and his song "American Dream" was placed at the end of the show which took away from the tragic and beautiful story of Chris and Kim. The song lasted close to 15 minutes and ruined the show for me and my family. Had it been at the beginning, it would have been better received. I was emotionally spent by that time and the vulgarity and humor was not welcome nor appreciated. Finally, the song added for Chris' American wife was unnecessary. She has so little to do with the story and then gets her own song. She was not my favorite character and the actress playing her was a poor match for Chris. I return to the theater to see classic productions; why did they have to ruin such a perfect, heart wrenching love story?

2.0 star rating Lulabelle from Washington, District of Columbia


This was unnecessarily raunchy to begin with, scene one was a real turn off. So so

2.0 star rating Leahls from Washington, District of Columbia


I was bored and emotionally detached. While the voices were talented the acting and singing did not conjure emotionally. The sets were excellent. The sound was often way too loud and distorting. The scenes if the whores could have been done more suggestively so that it would be a family program. Just a little over the top in your face. Story was good and realistre. The music not memorable.

2.0 star rating RC from Chicago, Illinois


Also saw the show in the 90s and in other locations. They changed the lyrics to some songs, removed I’d Give My Life for You, Now that I’ve Seen Her, It’s Her or Me. Vocals were not great and it’s very hard not to compare especially if you have the original cast recording soundtrack. Very disappointed because when I watched Wicked and it wasn’t the original cast it was superb! At the opening scene it seemed like they had prerecorded tracks accompanying the ensemble— dont know if it is to appear “fuller” or just poor sound system. Was really not impressed by singing, lacks depth, emotion, no build up with the exception of a few songs or characters. Acting was also poor - ensemble, we see each of you, you’re not just a “chorus” and your half hearted dancing and lack of energency was so obvious. Very disappointed and can’t really recommend.

2.0 star rating Heather G from Chicago, Illinois


They took out they heart of the show. All of the lyric changes really threw me off. My two favorite songs, Please was changed so much it missed the point of the song and Now That I've Seen Her was taken out. It was far grittier and all the changes made it difficult to connect to the main characters' love story. Heartbroken by the changes to all of my favorite songs. They focused more on the darkness and grundge of the time and less on the heart and humanity. If you don't know the original, it's a good one to see. But for the loyal fans, don't waste your money. Keep the movie in your mind from the 1990's version.

2.0 star rating JF from Chicago, Illinois


I will preface this review by stating that I've seen Miss Saigon in various places around the word since the early 1990s. I really wanted to like this production, but it just fell flat in so many respects. My biggest complaint - and I'm guessing this comes down to the direction - is that the performers seemed to lack a connection with the material they were performing. With the possible exception of Chris, most of them seemed bored. This is certainly problematic so early in a tour. Without that emotional depth and nuance, this is a show that can quickly become overly dramatic in a bad way since the underlying material is already so intense. That being said, this is a beautiful production technically. I will note that from where I was sitting (second row center in the main floor), the lyrics sounded extremely garbled. Overall, I would skip this production. This may be a difficult decision for nostalgic fans looking forward to the show, but it's for the best.

2.0 star rating Beth. from Chicago, Illinois


Very disappointed as I didn’t know it had changed from the version I saw over 10 years ago. It was very unnecessary to have it be so sleazy. I agree with other reviewers that it was hard to understand the words at times. The theater is beautiful and I might see Fiddler there soon as hopefully they haven’t changed that version. Our seats were good.

2.0 star rating Bob from Chicago, Illinois


Great sets. Gritty! Difficult to understand lyrics. Especially Kim and the Engineer. Was it a question of the mikes or poor enunciation? Disappointed. Yet there was a standing ovation in Chicago. Not for children.

2.0 star rating Debbie from San Francisco, California


It saddens me to write this but I've seen Miss Saigon numerous times, in NY, London and SF at the Orpheum but this time was horrendous I was shocked and disgusted that concert etiquette does not seem to be observed in SF at the Orpheum. About 20 minutes into the show, a couple arrived late, and were allowed to disrupt our row, and rows behind us. During a song, we all had to stand up to accommodate this couple who arrived late. We all stood, so they could get by. What happened to having the late attendees wait until the 2nd ACT? I was mortified as were the people in front and behind us. Please reinstate concert etiquette. The people who were seated on time should not be punished because other people arrive late. Also, this was the worst version of Miss Saigon I have ever seen. I think due to the influence of The Voice and American Idol, the singers overdue it. There's no build, just overdramatic vocals. It was sad as it didn't affect people the way it used to.

2.0 star rating Ron Grether from San Francisco, California


What a disappointment. Off-key singing. Muffled lyrics AND dialogue. Very little energy from the stage so there was none from the audience. Some decent choreography but other than that a total waste of time and money. Too bad since I saw it in London on a night when the helicopter wasn’t working and I was looking forward to this production. Once again I’ll never know about the helicopter scene since I high- tailed it out of there at intermission. .

2.0 star rating Mary Hull from Cleveland, Ohio


Miss Saigon has been one of my favorite plays since I saw it for the first time in Toronto over 25 years ago. Saw the Cleveland production years ago and loved it. Last night was so very disappointing. The raunchy aspects were elevated and the emotional love story was diminished. Not an improvement, I assure you. If one makes it through the whole show, the ending is anticlimactic. I couldn’t get emotionally invested in the characters in this production’s interpretation. My daughter and I had seen it together multiple times in the past so we were excited to share it with the next generation. My 15 year old granddaughter thought we were crazy after seeing this production with us; we had to assure her that this performance was not the Miss Saigon that we loved. Very disappointing. Not all change is for the best.

2.0 star rating Ro from Buffalo, New York


I had high expectations for this musical based on all the hype. I found it to be overly raunchy (really cheapened the show) and drab. I would definitely call it an "R" rated production. The stage settings and props were exceptional. However, the music was not emotionally captivating or uplifting and there was nothing about this production that drew me in. I found it boring. Would not recommend spending your money on it. Definitely not on my list of favorites.

2.0 star rating Gary from Cincinnati, Ohio


The leads in this show have incredible range and power in their voices. Unfortunately I could not understand most of songs since the sound design and operator did a complete disservice to this talented cast. We have center orchestra mid-theater seats and had to strain to hear the words. The sound design team should apologize to the cast and the audience. The system was loud nearly all the time but still could not actually understand songs or dialog. Absolutely ruined the show for me. I could tell there were problems because there was not much audience reaction to the story. Lighting and all other tech was spot on. The cast should feel very proud of the incredible performance they worked to perfect.

2.0 star rating BroadwayJunkiesc from Cincinnati, Ohio


I love Broadway—Broadway anything! I was looking forward to seeing Miss Saigon for the first time. The sound of the helicopter at the opening scene had me on the edge of my seat w/anticipation! Then, confusion set in. Had difficulty hearing lyrics and following the erratic storyline - seemed all over the place, creating a disconnect palpable throughout the audience. After an hour and a half(!) of trying desperately to let the performance ‘take me’, the lights came up for intermission. My husband and I looked at each other thinking “what just happened?” We went outside to the front of the theater to get some air when he asked if I was able to follow this and, for the first time EVER, I told him I was not at all able to get into this show. THEN, another first which I am embarrassed to admit to, we LEFT AT INTERMISSION! On the drive home I kept repeating, “I can’t believe we left at intermission.” I SO wanted to see the infamous helicopter scene!! Sadly, sadly disappointed.

2.0 star rating Pete from St. Louis, Missouri


The stage lighting was so dark, it was difficult to see some of the acting. And it was nearly impossible to follow the story line since we couldn't understand what the actors were saying for most of the show. The raunchiness of some of the scenes was unnecessary and overall we did not enjoy the show. I wanted to leave at the intermission like a lot of people did, but couldn't since we came with another couple. I wouldn't recommend this show and it's definitely not for kids.

2.0 star rating NGobran from Houston, Texas


This show is NOT appropriate for 12+! Not even for adults! Rated X movie on stage. We walked out after the first 10 minutes it wasn't getting any better and I was cringing the whole time thinking to myself this was going to let up and get better. Nope! The cursing and sex talk and grinding and just UGH! this is not the same miss siagon from even 5 yrs ago! why must change everything to be Filthy!

2.0 star rating Randall Moore from Dallas, Texas


The orchestra was amazing, the signing was very nice, but the simple art of enunciation was lost on this group of actors. My wife and I both felt like, during the songs, that we missed half of the show by not being able to understand the words. Maybe it was the sound system.. maybe not. The sets were great, the helicopter scene amazing, and overall the show was good... albeit a bit too vulgar and sexually explicit. Ultimately, I would have enjoyed the performance more had I understood what they were saying more...

2.0 star rating EBalita from Los Angeles, California


I took my daughter and son-in-law to see it because, my wife and I enjoyed a community production before. I was disappointed. The sound at the Pantages was terrible. Maybe it was the mics? Maybe the actors needed to enunciate more? Maybe the orchestra was too loud? The result is the audience misses so much of the story because they could not hear the lyrics of the songs. I didn't like the set. It was minimalist compared to a smaller community production I saw. I mean I know it is not Broadway but they could have done a better job; smaller productions have. Also, was the sequencing altered? Were songs omitted? The ending seemed anti-climactic. Probably the most noticeable change that was in the wrong direction was how unnecessarily raunchy the language and the acting has become. Why? Also, has the Engineer become more violent? It definitely was not the Miss Saigon I loved. Soooo disappointed. Wish I picked a different production.

2.0 star rating from Denver, Colorado


We just moved to Denver and I had been looking forward to our first experience at Buell. Sadly, despite sitting center orchestra the sound was so bad I maybe understood 10% of the words to the songs. We left at intermission. I wouldn’t recommend spending the money to see the Denver version. We’re wondering, based on the acoustics/sound system, if we made a mistake purchasing a subscription and several additional shows. We’ll give the Buell another hoping it will be better there next time.

2.0 star rating TLHILL from Tempe, Arizona


I have season tickets. Love Gammage and I think I would have LOVED this play had I been able to understand more of what was being said. We attended on 9/24. It started 45 minutes late (815) with no explanation. The actor who played Chris was next to impossible to understand. Clarity and acoustics were terrible and although he had a great voice, I could not make out the story in the melody. Kim's lines were not much better. John was the most audible as were the group ensemble themes but if you cannot follow the story, how moved can you be? What a huge disappointment. First half a total waste with poste intermission slightly better. I feel like I need to see it again to appreciate it. On the flip side, the props were fantastic and especially a scene involving a helicopter. It was impressive but not enough to recover from the disappointment of spending $150 for two tickets to a show that was delayed and in- inaudible. Super disappointed in the delivery of what is a great story.

2.0 star rating Kris from Tempe, Arizona


I saw the original in Boston in 1990. It was heartbreaking and poignant. The revival has the emotional depth of your local high school's production of Our Town. Between the overacting, the oversinging, and horrific timing (which I suspect is just terrible directing), this production made me do something I have NEVER done in over 45 years of live theatre patronage; I left before the final scene finished. They had botched every other emotion-filled scene. I couldn't watch what they did to the last scene. I was able to wrench my eyes (and body) away from this train wreck and I feel saner for it. But, banality is growing and the whole of entertainment is suffering for it. I wish my favorite musical of all time had been given the love and care it deserved rather than turning it into pablum. It deserved better.

2.0 star rating Lily from Costa Mesa, California


It was horrible. Actors and actress were screening 2 hours. I wonder if their vocal cord was damaged after the show. I got severe head ache. It was a cheap imitation of Madame butterfly. I don’t know who had composed a screen singing? Analyze this! Expressing and showing the feelings has many way. Screening is the lowest level for a person or in a musical show!

2.0 star rating GR from Salt Lake City, Utah

MISS SAIGON - SLC 10-15-19

I saw the show years ago & remembered it as being sad with a lot of emotion. I did not remember vulgar crudeness. The message of a bleak time of heartbreak was so overshadowed by how nasty everything else was - from the dancing, to the simulated sex acts, to the screaming singers, that I was left never wanting to see it again. I can't imagine any parent having their child, of any age, in the audience but worse is the 3yo child in the show! That poor little boy is going to need some therapy to rid his memories of language, vulgar near-naked bodies, etc. The ridiculous failed attempt at humor, or just rudeness, by the addition of a Mormon missionary stumbling into the bar/prostitution was just stupid. Shows with a social comment normally have some redeeming qualities, this did not. It missed the mark of making me aware of a sad chapter in history, that still effects many lives today, & made just want a shower & a stiff drink. 2 stars to recognize those talented

2.0 star rating Cary from Salt Lake City, Utah


Like the Vietnam war, this play was way too long. Almost 3 hours. The sound system does not match well with the actors accents. We only understood the words of songs from Chris. The final "American Dream" song by the Engineer was sooo long and we had pretty much had enough of the Engineer at that point. We couldn't wait for the play to end and to get out of there. Yes, the sets were very well done, the acting was acceptable and the orchestra was very good. We have been to a number of plays at Eccles and it seems like we always have trouble understanding the words of the songs. Perhaps the acoustical engineers missed on this one and the theater will always be sub-par? Or maybe the booth just doesn't understand the sound controls. Either way it needs to be fixed.

2.0 star rating Leslie from Salt Lake City, Utah


I took my (adult) children AND my mother to the SLC production. My mom and I had fond memories of seeing Miss Saigon back in the 1990s. The current production eliminated all desire to ever see Miss Saigon again. While the performers had beautiful voices and the set was spectacular, parts of the show were so raunchy, I was embarrassed to be there. My kids wondered why I had pushed for us to see this musical. Wish I could go back in time and take them to the original production.

2.0 star rating from Portland, Oregon


Unfortunately, my review is such that I preferred the years prior to this current version. Though energetic and excellent interactions with the cast, it was difficult to hear the cast (despite knowing the music). Kim has a beautiful voice, but her acting ability was flat and non-believable. Scenery was awesome.

2.0 star rating Ann H from Tulsa, Oklahoma


I loved the original and was excited to take my son and daughter and husband. to see this production. I should have read on-line reviews prior to purchasing tickets. I was shocked when the first scene was performed. My 22 yr old son almost walked out but I assured him the first scene was the only raunchy part. I was wrong. Totally unnecessary sex acts performed on stage. Embarrassing to watch. I felt a lot of empathy toward most of the characters the first time I saw this but not so much this time. The flashy costumes and sets were beautiful but took away from the tragedy of the story.

2.0 star rating Jeff Y. from Boynton Beach, Florida


My mom wanted to do something nice and take my wife and I to this show. She had seen it on Broadway and loved it. After the first act we looked at each other shrugging sheepishly. We sat in mezzanine as she was unable to get better tickets since season subscribers are understandably given preference. Act 1 was quite dark and I could cover all the action with a thumb extended at arms length. My main complaint was the sound system. I was unable to hear any of the lyrics that were sung by the Vietnamese actors. The closed captions were useless from where we were sitting. I give the 2 stars only because Act 2 was more flamboyant and somewhat understandable as the American singers' voices were clear. The costumes were great and the child actor adorable. My favorite take aways were the scene where the dragon was marched out on stage and the helicopter scene. I was able to see and enjoy that from the bleachers seats.

1.0 star rating Tamara from Chicago, Illinois


Similar to another patron's review - stage sets were wonderful, costumes were appropriate. While yes there was a standing ovation at the end of the show - I believe it was with the creativity of the audience's ability to make sense of what was just heard to make sense of what we just saw on stage. Most of the songs were not able to be understood, so understanding the story line was solely by impossible. Being confused several times I caught myself just zoning out. Definitely not a show I would feel comfortable bringing a middle schooler due to the brothel scenes and language. Even attending with my 14 year old/9th grader left me with much to dialogue about. Until seeing this production, can not say I had a least favorite musical. Hope to see it someday/somewhere to erase this memory.

1.0 star rating Theater nerd from Chicago, Illinois


Do they not teach diction any more? Couldn't understand a word in the first act. While the singing was fine, the acting was pretty awful. Very disappointing,

1.0 star rating Mrs. D. Hagen from Cleveland, Ohio


This is the second time I have seen The play miss Saigon at the Cleveland Playhouse. The first time I found the production to be very good. I was there last night, February 7, and left at intermission with a flood of other people. I found this production to be cheesy and Ronchi. The first scene of the play takes place in a whorehouse. This could have been done very tastefully. However they chose the low road. Dry humping one another and showing bare ass. This was not necessary to get this otherwise beautiful storyline across. It was also quite difficult to understand the words of the songs. Had I not known the story previously, I would’ve been totally lost. Extremely disappointing. And may consider not getting the Broadway series again next year.

1.0 star rating Tim Ahlen from Dallas, Texas


We saw Miss Saigon several years ago, and the only reason we saw it again was that it was part of our season ticket package. This go-round, however, seemed markedly more sexually explicit than the first production. Dancers onstage were simulating oral sex, coital sex, prostitution and rape. Which was a shame because the lead actors had beautiful voices. Their singing was upstaged by the vulgarity. My wife and I walked out at the end of the first act, and would have left sooner but we would've disrupted the audience. Just be forewarned-- you'll probably want to keep the kids home for this one.

1.0 star rating A disappointed Mom in Dallas from Dallas, Texas


Very Inappropriate display. Strongly caution you to read the reviews. I walked out of the show with my children within the first 10 minutes. I would describe the opening scenes as embarrassing, sleazy, profane, uncomfortable.

1.0 star rating Lenny martinez from Nashville, Tennessee


I saw this show many years ago in San Francisco. The version I saw last night was raunchy. Total disappointment.

1.0 star rating Ellen Enoch from Boston, Massachusetts


Bought four tickets for my daughters birthday. She is 22 and brought her boyfriend who is 2/ and my 16 year son came as well . I had seen the show in London back twenty years ago maybe and loved it. Didn’t remember the whole story but I KNOW It absolutely did not have the vulgar simulated sex acts and near nudity. It was disgusting. I was extremely embarrassed to have planned this trip for my kids and to have my daughter’s boyfriend along made it even worse ! The singing was yelling and you couldn’t understand anything they were singing. Absolutely horrible show and we left before it was over and should have left after the first scene! Many people did not come back after the intermission so we were clearly not alone in our thoughts.

1.0 star rating Kathy from Denver, Colorado


Four out of four of the people in our party could not hear the lyrics for almost every song in the 1st Act. Since the musical has NO dialogue that is not sung, this means that we all struggled to understand the plot. Two of our party had seen the show in its original cast tour, and found this production to be seriously flawed.

1.0 star rating Natalie James from Tempe, Arizona


Such a let down!! Do not recommend. It was terrible. Don’t waste your money. Worst show I’ve seen in four seasons at Gammage.

1.0 star rating Heidi from Tempe, Arizona


I thought this show was so inappropriate. I was uncomfortable and didn't want to see most of it. I also was disturbed that an adorable 3 year old kid is performing in it and being exposed to all of that.

1.0 star rating Blake Woith from Costa Mesa, California


My wife and I looked forward to this show for weeks. What a disappointment. Do not waste your time and money on this. We left at intermission and spent the drive home talking about how bad it was. Very poor audio and very poor annunciation by the cast. We did not know the story line and we sure didn't get it from the show. Could only understand may 10% of the script. Lighting was bad. Could barely make out what was on stage. Music was way to loud (and I'm about half deaf!). Even the audience was rude with people talking in full voice and running cell phones in their laps. Many people bailed out at half time.

1.0 star rating Phuong from San Jose, California


My husband and I left after 15mins. I expected to see performing arts instead I saw simulated sex acts on stage. There were kids, 12 and under in the audience. I paid to go see a Broadway show, performing art. There many ways to tell this story. They’ve done it in the past. Raunchy sex acts cheapened the story, mainly, it insults the audience.

1.0 star rating Carmella King from Knoxville, Tennessee


Where do I begin? There was so much wrong with this play! The opening act was lewd, unnecessary and way too long. The sound was loud, and I couldn't understand half of what the cast critical to the story, the character's development, and for the audience to connect emotionally, which I never did, and quite honestly, didn't CARE when something tragic happened. The plot was hard to follow, and at times I wasn't sure if it was a flashback or happening in real time. The club owner isn't supposed to be likable, but he kept saying things to the audience to make them laugh; confusing, and didn't fit in with the content of this play. However, what shocked me the most is that the theater was full when the show began, but after intermission, there were empty seats everywhere. Even if I would have said nothing else, I think that speaks for itself!

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