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Eric Church Reviews


Average customer review: 3.5 star rating (3.3 Stars)

Number of reviews: 43



5.0 star rating Anne Ryan from Toronto, Ontario


He was amazing. Great artist and he gives 110% to his fans, a definite must see. Go Chief! Great night out with family & friends. Section 119 was great.

5.0 star rating Joanne from Waterloo, Ontario


Such energy and he was amazing! ACC was rockin! No openings just him for over 3 hours! It was a great night! Crowd was such fun! Go see him if you get a chance. You won't be disappointed!

5.0 star rating Chuck Whitten from Boston, Massachusetts


Eric was excellent!!! Tons of energy!!! Just the amount of engagement w us Fans! A must see! Eric performed as much of his classics as his new hits! Only down side was beer lines cost you 4-5 songs! Get with it SNHU!

5.0 star rating Jill from Chicago, Illinois


Luke Bryan who? I have always been a fan of Eric Church, but it was my first time seeing him in concert. He puts on a show like no other!!!!!

5.0 star rating from Seattle, Washington


Rocked the dome all night! One of the best entertainers ever!!

5.0 star rating Stephanie Carle from Ottawa, Ontario


Well, he came and he brought a helluva show to Ottawa!!! Fans were on their feet through most of the concert, he didn't let up, gave it his all to OTTAWA!!! 3 hours of ERIC CHURCH! AWESOME NIGHT TO REMEMBER! Thank you Eric Church, hope to see you again in Ottawa.

5.0 star rating Tom from Boston, Massachusetts


He rocked the garden!

5.0 star rating I Go To Church from Portland, Oregon


I saw Foghat in 1975, Ted Nugent in 76, and Pat Benatar and Billy Squier in 81. There have been several concerts (country and rock) since then and, undoubtedly, the Eric Church concert was my favorite. I will tell my grandkids I saw Eric Church in Portland in 2017. I was amazed that, with the exception of a short break that was a welcome opportunity, Eric played the entire concert and he was energized the entire time. His stage presence; the backup singer; the band; the stage setup; the crowd; the music; and the list of songs was excellent! He talked just enough, and very little about himself. He didn't use the concert as a political platform for any agenda. He played old and new, and I had the feeling he understood the cost of attendance at his concert and he was giving Portland full value.

5.0 star rating Freddy from Austin, Texas


Great show by the chief. Came from Boston to see him in Austin. He did not disappoint. Great set list. Wicked good time.

5.0 star rating Sue. from Boston, Massachusetts


Amazing as always! Never disappoints.

5.0 star rating Jenn Wiley from Boston, Massachusetts


My second time seeing Eric Church, but so far the best time!! Church puts on a great show- engages the audience, gets everyone hyped and into it, especially when he rips in to a couple of bars from Sweet Caroline. We were up and out of our seats the whole concert- energy from the other fans as well as from Church and his band was crazy! His music is great, his concert was great, he's just GREAT! Kudos to TD Garden for helping to put together a great performance & effects. This won't be our last time seeing Eric Church!!

5.0 star rating G Stein from Detroit, Michigan


The man puts on an incredible show - His heart and soul, awesome performer - will rock the house. Awesome people at both shows - was great couple nights ! sect 119 and sec 115. May make another run to see him again a couple hours away - the best !!

5.0 star rating Pete Neal from Toronto, Ontario


Fabulous concert , Eric Church knows how to put on a show to get the whole crowd rocking , I’m 58 , rates in the top three concerts I’ve been to!

5.0 star rating Toni Paulson from Cleveland, Ohio


he's called the Chief for a reason! Eric Church is the most dynamic performer ever. full of energy and fun. engages all of his fans, and I've seen him from the small clubs to the arenas!I'll never forget how a Church show makes me feel!

5.0 star rating Mmichmmash from Denver, Colorado


He was amazing - first part acoustics and only Eric was so impressive. Full band came in and energy lit up the arena! Awesome job Chief!

5.0 star rating from Calgary, Alberta


Gives all of himself

5.0 star rating Tamara F from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


Wow, fantastic concert. This man can sing. He put on a great show and sang for almost 3 hours and that was after waiting another hour so everyone was able to get in to the event Centre It was like he didn’t want to stop singing and engaging with the crowd. Thanks for making our first big outing a great night.

5.0 star rating A Member of the Church from Cheyenne, Wyoming


People do not always realize what they need. Being with people energizes us. The pandemic has splintered and defeated us. When we were able, we “Gather Again”. The Man has more enthusiasm for his craft than anyone can understand. When your passion falls into your career, the impossible becomes possible. The Hero shows up and steps up to lead the crowd through healing. The crowd singing at the top of lungs. The soulful lyrics that takes memories to the front, emotions to the top and humility to the heart. My soul needed the combined energy from like minded crowds. The human spirit; undeniable, immovable and striking. It invigorates, it motivates and it gives us relief from isolation. The rhythm guitar chords and frets, the drum beats, expertly orchestrated to bring life to the words. The feel from the stands, the chairs, reverberating to the heart of the crowd. Thank you @EricChurch and the musicians that support his shows for allowing us to “Gather Again".

5.0 star rating Greg Allen from Evansville, Indiana


The Eric Church concert was fantastic, but in full transparency, I have to admit I understood very little of the lyrics. I’d catch a word or phrase, but couldn’t tie it in with anything else. Of course, the audience participation lent abundant clues by raising beers, holding up boots, and waving banners of red, white, and blue. Frankly, like with Squid Game and Ted Lasso--subtitles can be helpful. One song, however, broke through. For several minutes Eric and Joanna sang “She loves me like....” I could tell he, as well as a multitude of folks around me, were deeply touched by how “she loved him”, but I couldn’t decipher just what analogy they were using. Near the end of the song the band fell silent. After a dramatically-long and carefully-timed pause, Eric reignited the song with “Jesus does.” What a picture! I was pleasantly surprised by the freshness of the line. It’s not what I was expecting. Having heard dozens of songs about a rugged, beaten-up-by-life, hard-loving cowboy of a man being loved by a delicate and sensitive woman who sees to his worthy core, I was expecting the end of the line to be more predictable and cliche. “ Jesus does” really made the song, I thought. Touching, memorable, and elevating. A good way to end a chorus and begin the wrap-up portion of the set list. Until the next morning. I woke up in a figurative cold-sweat. I wasn’t cold or sweating, but the unsettling feeling within me gripped me and I knew the revelation within me demanded formal expression. I was beginning to feel it held the power to change lives. Well, at least change my life. Surely, “loving like Jesus did” is not a new concept. I could explain that notion in theological terms. I could give examples of attempts to display it. I’ve even been on mission trips where we felt like we were doing all in our human power to “love like Jesus” for a few weeks in a far-away land among people with whom we had little in common and would likely never see again. Somehow, that idea was not the same as the one the talented and hard-working folks on the stage that night were singing about. Somehow the denim-and-boots man in the bright lights, whom you felt had been through the wringer and had been picked up with compassion and empathy by a true companion and lover, was not speaking about theology or a short-term mission trip. That cut deep. That type of love can’t be faked. That level of love transforms and penetrates. No one escapes unchanged. Having seen this picture, I couldn’t turn away. I felt compelled to use it as measuring stick--not of how I am loved, but how I love. I don’t know if I can love like Jesus does--or anywhere close, but I know I can love better than I do. I don’t need to be able to love in an “all-powerful” way, I but I can try to love in an “all-in” way. Loving like Jesus doesn’t have to be with healing and forgiveness that eradicates a sin nature. But it can mean sitting with someone through the not-so-healing times and forgiving offenses in a way that allows someone to start over and experience abundant life without the weight of condemnation. Surely I can make an attempt in that direction. I’ll be okay if I don’t get the opportunity to share love and resources to those in a far-off land, but I’m not okay with walking past a person on the street in front of our home and not taking advantage of a possible invitation to connect and encourage one another. I can’t usher in the dawn of a new day for mankind, but I can allow my wife to wake up in a space where we both have a renewed chance to experience life together absent of grudges, resentment, or feeling our unworthiness will affect our partner’s love for us. What would that feel like?! I suspect many of us will hear about love in a worship service on Sunday morning, but I felt I learned quite a bit about love at a Church service on Saturday night.

5.0 star rating from Boston, Massachusetts


Eric did not disappoint, 36 songs with no break in between, Granted he started 45 minutes late but 3 hours of non stop songs made up for that. Best concert I have seen in a long long time. Once the high energy bass started kicking in it tattled the bones. Perfect event for the whole family. He runs a center stage floor plan which is very exciting with the band members running all over for cranking up the crowd. If you have not seen him then just do it, very memorable. I brought the wife and it was hard for us to take our eyes off the stage. great light show too. For the price of a good pair of boots you can take in one of the best shows going. I am officially becoming a super fan.

5.0 star rating from Chicago, Illinois


First concert after Covid in Chicago last night. United center was lacking space between seats but he rocked! He loves what he does and it shows. He played 3 hours and signed multiple autographs with joy. Joanne has the most beautiful voice and they feed off each other which made it intense. Homeboy is my favorite song which was epic. He went through his whole catalogue of songs and sang his heart out. I had great people around us but a few were falling down from over drinking. Chicago has the best concerts and he performed with his heart and soul. I love performers who appreciate their fame and are not snobs! He is the best! We were in the 3rd row right in front of the stage and the show did not disappoint! CMA fest he was the only one who got a standing ovation. Go see him when you can so worth it! The Windy City south side loves you Eric church….Rock on!!!! What a way to start out the st patty’s day celebration….Slainte’. Moe Stanton,Terry and Meggan

5.0 star rating KellyK from Spokane, Washington


He’s a bad ass! Second time seeing him! I love his style. One of a kind! Fantastic night of entertainment with my husband!!!

5.0 star rating Mike from Hartville, Ohio


I had the immense pleasure of attending Eric Church's sold-out concert at Blossom Music Center on June 24, 2023, and it was an absolute masterpiece! As a first-time headliner at this iconic venue, Church's performance surpassed all expectations and left the entire sold-out crowd of 23,000 fans in awe. It was evident that Church and his team were well-versed in the history of Blossom Music Center. Thanks to his manager, John Peet's familiarity with the Cleveland area, Church understood the significance of this venue. Paying homage to the late Michael Stanley Band, who set the attendance record in 1982 with a total of 77,404 attendees over three nights, Church proudly donned a black MSB t-shirt and proclaimed, "We're representin' tonight!" From the moment Church stepped on stage and launched into "Chattanooga Lucy," the atmosphere was electric. The energy he brought was contagious, and the crowd responded with unbridled enthusiasm. Church flawlessly delivered his hits, including "Bad Mother Trucker" and "Cold One," captivating us with his raw talent and infectious charisma. Each song resonated with the audience, creating an incredible connection between artist and fan. One of the highlights of the night was Church's unforgettable encore. As the crowd cheered and begged for more, he treated us to a heart-stirring rendition of "Springsteen," transporting us back to nostalgic moments. And just when we thought it couldn't get any better, Church closed the show with one of his personal favorites, "Holdin' My Own." The heartfelt lyrics, combined with his genuine emotion, was awesome! What truly set this concert apart was Church's ability to entertain. His stage presence was magnetic, effortlessly commanding our attention from start to finish. His interactions with the audience were genuine and heartfelt, making everyone feel like a part of something truly special. The sheer joy and passion he exuded were infectious, leaving us all completely immersed in the music and the moment. If you ever have the chance to witness Eric Church live in concert, seize it with both hands! His performance at Blossom Music Center was an extraordinary experience that exceeded all expectations. Whether you're a die-hard fan or simply looking for a night of exceptional entertainment, this is a show you absolutely cannot miss. Church's impeccable talent, coupled with the historical significance of the venue, created a night we will remember for a lifetime. It was an honor to be part of this remarkable event, and I cannot recommend it enough.

4.0 star rating Rosey from Los Angeles, California


Eric put on another amazing performance! He is totally committed to every word in every song. Last night we felt that maybe Joanna had a strained voice as she is usually playing the perfect role on stage with Eric. We missed the amazing Joanna! She still rocked it. I loved the acoustic medley to finish the evening. Love everything about this band.

3.0 star rating Jenny from Sioux Falls, South Dakota


This is the 3rd concert of his we have been to. The 2nd one he started over an hour late, which was annoying, but thought it might just be a fluke. Nope! This time he also started over an hour late too! What's up with being ok with wasting an hour of your fans' time? A lot of good songs and he played almost 3 hours, but sound wasn't the best and at times hard to understand

2.0 star rating Jimbo from Portland, Oregon


Eric Church is awesome! Sound and light sucked to high heaven! It was advertised to start at 8 am started at 915. One of the giant screens never operated as it was designed to work. Bass in the sound system drowned out all of the other notes! Eric Church is an awesome performer, song writer and singer! Sound and light sucked

2.0 star rating Linda from Toronto, Ontario


He started 1 hour and 20 minutes late. (Which apparently is his m/o. Came onto the stage and played a bunch of songs no one cared about. Didn’t play much of his older stuff / or hardly any of his good stuff.After staring 1.5 hours lay this EGO-maniac made a huge deal of signing fans records mid-show! Hello! Sing some f-ing songs!! Venue was SHIT! Huge lines at the concessions even mid-concert 25mins wait for drinks! Ridiculous! Next time…hard-pass!!

1.0 star rating Jason browand from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


A concert I was looking forward to taking my wife to since we don’t get out often turned into a mess and had to leave early. Have a group of completely drunk older guys behind us at the start of the show and the PPG Paints Arena continued to Sell them beer until the point one fell out of his row and into our seats. Luckily we were standing at the time of the incident and nobody was hurt but the a—hole dumped beer on our seats and all over my wife’s clothes. This happened shortly after the intermission and we were forced To leave since my wife was soaked and by this point miserable and did not to get to enjoy the show due to people who can’t control there alcohol. Very sad to say one of my favorite singers and didn’t get to see the whole show and really have no desire to attend a concert again after dealing with obnoxious drunk fools.

1.0 star rating Concerned fan from Knoxville, Tennessee


Please really, the show started an HR late and all the drunk did was pound alcohol. Church needs to grow up, I wasted my money.

1.0 star rating Stacie from Greenville, South Carolina


An hour late, half ass sang the songs that made him, the only artist I’ve ever seen to never introduce his band (who are all out of his league). As seemed as if we owed him.

1.0 star rating Jeremy from Kc, mo


1st EC concert, have went to many others, was really disappointed. Started over an hour late for no apparent reason. But appears to be the norm?. By 915 i was ready to go and hadn't seen him. Lot of younger folks knew this was normal I guess because they come late, and spent a good amount of that time drinking.. My daughter and I left at 10. Music was just ok, seemed high pitch, screechy to me, but maybe because I was grumpy from sitting there 2 hours b4 anything happened, the drunk folks who came late seemed to like it. To each their own, but if your north of 40, show up early, and like music, more than a bar, look elsewhere.

1.0 star rating Country music rocks from Orlando, Florida


I see all the 5 star reviews and wonder if they were at the same concert. We are just getting into the EC music, so a lot of older music that the other fans seem to know the words. But we could not understand virtually anything he was singing on any song. His energy was was good his musicians and back up singer were amazing... He did go around the stage at the end of the concert for a meet and greet... That was fun to watch bc he was not singing and the band was playing. I have been to Dozens on concerts, and everyone interacts with the audience, introduces the band, tells stories, etc. He basically went from one doing into the next and most of the time was a significant delay. Strong recommendation you save your money

1.0 star rating Mark from Tampa, Florida


Eric church came out a hour and twenty minutes late. To a bunch of drunk fans. We left after a hour, most of the songs didn’t recognize. We will stick to Vince gill, Alan Jackson, Keith urban.

1.0 star rating Not a fan from St. Louis, Missouri


Took my wife for her birthday. Over an hour late, what a POS. Sound was so distorted you couldn't make out the lyrics, can't imagine they are thought provoking lyrics anyway. I will say he does have talented musicians but not him. Wife was a fan, not now.

1.0 star rating Larry Smith from Boise, Idaho


If you say concert starts at 8 pm, start the concert at 8 pm. Be a man of your word. Thank you

1.0 star rating Pamela from Middleton, Idaho


The acoustics ruined the entire concert. This man has the money, the knowledge and ability to present one of the best ever concerts and he failed. Epically failed. Not one single word was understandable. There were hints of melody but even that was garbled beyond recognition. I have seen him in concert in the exact same arena and he set the standards for a concert. An amazing event the first time. When he came back we got outstanding seats and walked out on this sorry performance. Not understand one single word was understandable. Nothing. Others walked out as well and we talked to them in the lobby and outside the arena. Shame on you Eric Church, fire your sound engineers as they, under your complete command and control, failed every one of us. Not acceptable, Eric Church, I damn well know you can do better. If I could have given you a minus I would have. Disappointment reigns.

1.0 star rating from Salt Lake City, Utah


He started 1 hour and 10 minutes late. Came onto the stage and played a bunch of songs no one cared about. Didn’t play much of his older stuff / or hardly any of his good stuff. Got wasted the entire time. After two hours he was drunk and sounded awful. Sound and show was low budget and not good. Couldn’t understand him. His backup singer was off tune all night. He was off tune a lot too - sounded screechy. Mailed it in. No energy. Clearly just picking up a paycheck after a long time off during the pandemic. Was super excited but in the end was more than disappointed.

1.0 star rating Cole Peyron from Boise, Idaho


My wife and I have seen Eric Church live multiple times and loved all the experiences...until the Boise concert. He started 1 hour late and no one said anything. No announcements, no apologies, nothing! By the time the band started we had been seated for 90 minutes. Ridiculous! We went from happy and excited to tired and angry. When it finally did start, music was awesome, just as we had assumed it would be. Damage was already done though with the late and unprofessional start. Starts on time and this is a 5 Star Rating. Tickets were not cheap. Fans deserve better.

1.0 star rating Debra from San Diego, California


Arrogant to start over one hour late. Could not understand any lyrics….. I thought it was the acoustics of the famously poor acoustics of the San Diego arena, but the worst ever. Even the instrumentals were screechy and at times really drowned out each other…..not in unison. Worst ever.

1.0 star rating Shellbell from San Diego, California


Started one hour late, like others posted, with no explanation. He sounded amazing but he literally just stood there. No energy. Horrible entertainer! He should stick to small venues, maybe that would be better. I left early, figured I could experience the same thing just turning on the radio. Such a shame!

1.0 star rating Stan from Phoenix, Arizona


Unprofessional hack. He had the crowd wait until he was 45 minutes late to the stage. That’s when I left so I have no review of the concert, if it ever took place. No explanation to the audience, totally unprofessional in my mind. When a customer pays such a large amount for a concert and a delay is experienced due to whatever circumstances, let them know.

1.0 star rating Earl from Phoenix, Arizona


45 minutes late to stage when I left, no explanation. Unprofessional to say the least. Seemed like he was waiting for the seats to fill before he made his entrance. I’m not going to sit in uncomfortable seats waiting for a performer that seems only needing to satisfy his over inflated ego. Look at the previous reviews. Hope the concert was better for those who waited than previous reviews. George Strait wouldn’t treat his fans this way!

1.0 star rating from New York, New York


Show started over an hour late and was not exciting. He played songs nobody knows and wasted my night. I don’t have an extra hour to sit around cuz he says he wants a packed show. Get over yourself. You’re not that special and nobody cares. I took a night off work cuz a friend wanted to go and sat the whole time cuz he ain’t nothin to write home about. For 140$ never again you turd


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